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Five operation steps of dyeing edge in luggage edge decoration

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
The edge decoration of luggage is a widely used technology in the production process of luggage products, and the edge decoration of luggage generally refers to the decoration between parts or between parts, the dyeing edge is one of the edge modification methods, so briefly introduce the five steps in the edge modification of the bag. First, cutting edge, the cutting edge in the edge decoration of luggage is to cut the edge according to the technological requirements to make its edge more straight and avoid burrs at the same time. Second, starting the line. After cutting the edge of the luggage, the next step is to start the line. Before starting the line, use an iron or soldering iron to start the line at the edge, this can make the edge clearer, but the possibility of scalding the leather surface should be avoided. Third, sand edge sand edge is to use sandpaper to scrub the edge, to scrub off the fluff at the edge of the component, so that the surface of the component is more smooth and smooth. Fourth, after the dyeing parts are Frosted, the luggage parts can be dyed. The dyeing needs to be carried out according to the color required by the process. The general dyeing temperature is 30 ~ Only at 40 ℃ can the brightness of color be maintained. Fifth, the lighting is to put a brightening agent on the edge of the component, repeat 3 to 4 times, each time, the latter must wait until the previous polishing oil is completely dried, this can ensure that the brightness of the emerging edge is relatively uniform.
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