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Five key points of high quality luggage case customization

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
The busy year is coming to an end, and the upsurge of returning home for the new year is coming. The necessary equipment, pull rods and bags are also pushed to the peak of hot sales, many enterprises also aim at opportunities, whether they are sent to employees as welfare products, prizes or souvenirs, which are popular choices. How to choose a high-quality luggage case? For the common parts of the small series and everyone to talk about the purchase of boxes must pay attention to a few points. 1, face, whether it is a soft box of cloth or a hard box of PC, touch the box well after you get it, whether the workmanship is fine, whether the cloth feels comfortable, whether the material is strong and durable, and the surface should be smooth and smooth; Seams without design, bare burrs, uniform and beautiful car line size; The hand feels delicate, not rough, and there are no obvious scars and stains. 2, inside, whether it is Oxford or leather, the hand feeling should be soft and delicate, and the color should be coordinated with the bag surface; Line size uniform beautiful, pin fine should not be too large. 3. Hardware, as the external decoration of the box, has the function of drawing Dragon and clearing up. When choosing a box, the shape and workmanship of the hardware should be paid close attention to. Whether the hardware LOGO font is clear and whether it has fallen off; Whether the plating color has the phenomenon of mixed color paint off. 4, zipper pull rod box generally choose nylon zipper more, pay attention to the front and back when selecting the box to test whether the zipper is smooth without a card when pulling, however, the larger zipper usually gives people a safer and safer feeling. 5, pull rod/wheel a high-grade luggage case, in addition to paying attention to the choice of fabric, whether the pull rod is strong, whether the wheel is slippery is very important. Therefore, when choosing the pull rod, the built-in steel or all-aluminum material must be better, because all-aluminum is lighter and firm, which can withstand brutal loading and unloading. In addition, look at other configurations of the luggage case, such as whether the setting of the push button is humanized and whether the pull rod is smooth when pulling. Good roller has wear-resistant and shock absorption, low noise, it has internal and external. An external roller that can roll in any direction is commonly referred to as'Universal wheel'. 'Universal wheel' The advantage is that the luggage case can change its direction freely with the movement of your body during operation, but its disadvantage is that it cannot withstand the brutal handling of consignment. From the insurance point of view, although the built-in roller cannot change its direction at will, it is safer to choose it. Of course, it is not enough to know these. At present, there are many custom-made manufacturers, but it is still important to know more about them, find professional suppliers, have their production experience, design and production capacity, and understand the previous customer base.
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