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Five design factors for women's outdoor backpacks

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Ladies love colorful items, but outdoor backpacks that pay attention to close-fitting can't just focus on color. Presumably you must not have found that the design details of women's backpacks are different from those of men? If you want to make a batch of good ladies outdoor backpacks, please remember the following' Five design factors for women's outdoor backpacks'. 1. The back length of women's outdoor backpack, shoulder width and body strength are one of the standards for every girl's fantasy of men, while small shoulders and slender waist are a cute template for women. Compared with men, women's back is relatively narrow and short, which also results in men's outdoor backpacks being larger and longer than women's. If you back to the hip, the shoulder position of the backpack will be higher; If the shoulder strap is shortened, the hip belt will sink, and it will always be heavy to carry, and it will also have great inconvenience to outdoor activities. Therefore, the custom-made women's outdoor backpack is shorter than the men's backpack of the same size, or the back adjustment plate can be designed to push the back plate up and down, and the back length can be adjusted by its own body shape. 2. Women's Outdoor backpack shoulder straps women's back and shoulders are both narrow and short than men's, so the design of women's outdoor backpack shoulder straps should be retractable, and the distance between the shoulder straps should be closer, the width of the shoulder strap is 5 smaller than the men's outdoor backpack- About 7cm, about the design of the shoulder strap should also remember to customize the belt, adjustment buckle and other configurations. 3. Women's Outdoor backpack shoulder strap chest buckle women's different men's body shape, also different from men's chest. The shoulder straps and chest buckles of men's outdoor backpacks make women's breasts feel uncomfortable. Therefore, Xilong bags are specially improved from the shoulder straps for women, and the shoulder straps of outdoor backpacks are changed into arc angles to avoid directly pressing the breasts, causing discomfort in the chest. In addition, an adjustable chest buckle has also been customized to design appropriate gaps for the chest. 4. Women's Outdoor backpack belt women's hips are more plump and stylish, so that the women's outdoor backpack to be stable, the design belt should be adjusted according to the hip shape and angle, and the length of the belt is extended, so that each woman can adjust her suitable and comfortable state. 5. Ladies love outdoor backpacks, which is entirely from the perspective of ladies' love. According to the survey, the styles and colors of outdoor backpacks for most ladies are roughly the same as those for men, I don't like to use backpacks that are too bright and bright outside (Because afraid of dirty); For the style of the backpack, I also love many pockets and many compartments, which can classify and store all kinds of small items for women, unlike men who are willing to store multiple types of items in a single layer.
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