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Fashion computer backpack style recommendation

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
When going out, men always need to bring all kinds of things, such as cell phones, laptops, wallets, cameras, one or two books--- Wait, what kind of bag to use to hold these things reflects your taste. So choosing backpacks is really important for men. The following small series will give you two of our Xilong backpacks, let everyone enjoy: 1: The main material of the backpack is made of fashion blended Milan style, elegant and delicate, light texture, full of fashion sense. The material is waterproof and antifouling, easy to take care of, light/Simple/delicate. The process design is simple and lively, with a main bag and two front bags, which have larger net capacity and are closely attached to the back with velvet slide bags and computer bags, forming a safety protection for notebook computers. The front is equipped with an open pocket with pen plug/business card plug/mobile phone bag and wallet bag, which is convenient for storing and sorting small belongings and materials. The whole bag is designed with shockproof and high-elastic PE cotton, which not only pays attention to safety, but also enhances ultra-light practicability and fashion technology. 2: The main material of the business laptop bag is nylon 420D encryption with super fiber PU, atmosphere/solemn/light, full of business leisure feeling, nylon material is strong and wear-resistant, fog silver aluminum alloy hand/Pearl Chrome pull head and LOGO, the front lightning grid hits the big sea blue and pink purple design, and the fashion jumps. This bag is equipped with a main bag and a chain bag in the front and back frames to store and sort your belongings and materials. There is a chain bag in front of the main bag, and a diving material Electric Head behind it, which is safer and more effective in protecting electrical products; The front bag is equipped with a multifunctional bag (Mobile phone bag/pen plug/wallet bag); The back is equipped with an invisible chain bag for easy placement of personal information. The whole bag adopts strong shock-proof and high-elastic PE cotton design, which makes the bag safer and more secure in use. More luggage information'Sweep and pay attention'
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