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by:Xilong      2019-08-19
Last night, his upset family said a \"sweet and loving\" teenager who was murdered and thrown into the car \"will never upset anyone \".
Early in the morning, workers found Emilio demusus\'s body, which was dumped in the parking lot of the Mile End housewife center. 30am yesterday.
It is understood that 19-year-
When he was found, there was always a big wound.
Yesterday afternoon, after learning the tragic news, relatives gathered at the East house of Salisbury, a teenager. Sister-in-
Maria Demosthenous said that Emilio did not make enemies.
\"He never upset anyone, he always makes everyone happy and he never resent it,\" she said . \".
\"He is a very caring person, very talkative, very confident and very happy.
\"He is always happy and he will do anything for his friends and family.
\"Emilio\'s father sat in the garage at home crying, holding his head with his hands, and was comforted by friends.
Investigators Doug Barr said the death of Mr. demusus was declared a major crime.
\"The nature of the injury leads us to believe that death is actually killing people,\" he said . \".
Mr. Demosthenous was a famous policeman.
Police said it was first noticed that the late black Mitsubishi Lanser was parked in a parking lot about 40 miles away at 6.
30 in the morning, but the body was not found for an hour.
The 19-year-old lighting store attendant, Aaron Hickmann, was on his way to work and noticed a police officer at the scene, seeing a foot leaning against a window in the car.
\"From what I have seen, it seems that there is a body lying behind, feet stuck in the window, in an awkward position.
\"I think it\'s a strange place for a person to sleep from 10 to 9 in the morning,\" he said . \".
Mr. Hickman said he saw the police shaking the body twice and then talking to the police radio.
It is understood that the police thought he had been dead for several hours, but when the police arrived, they found that the engine of the car was still warm.
\"The first thing in the morning is a little shaken,\" Mr Hickman said . \".
Detective Barr said the investigation was still in its early stages and called on witnesses to come forward.
SES volunteers set up a blue tent next to the vehicle yesterday while conducting a forensic test by the police.
When the body was removed from the car, the yellow tarp was lifted, only a few meters away from where shoppers were sitting outside the Subway store to eat.
The forensic team and the police photographer examined the car and painted it.
Detectives put some items in brown paper bags and took them away for inspection.
Shortly after three o\'clock P. M. , a trailer drove the car away.
Some shoppers mistakenly thought it was an emergency service presentation.
Greg kripe, 52, went shopping with his wife Joe.
\"When we first drove in, we thought it was a show, but no, no, I said to my partner,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not the kind of thing you see when you go out shopping leisurely.
A friend of Mr. Demosthenous told him yesterday that he was a \"very sweet and caring person \".
The young woman, who did not want to be named, said she had known Mr. demusenos through friends.
\"He always wanted to know what you were doing and how you were doing,\" she said . \".
\"He is a very lovely person for me.
\"Many people respect him. he is a respected person.
\"This is very shocking.
I was upset but it was not in yet.
\"We are just close partners. he is like my brother.
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