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Factors affecting the price of luggage customization, see if you will suffer losses

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
Many people are looking for luggage manufacturers to customize the production of luggage. The most concerned thing is the custom price of the luggage. They often ask the price at the beginning, and even quote the price with a sample package picture. In fact, the estimation of the picture is usually inaccurate. The price of the luggage is related to the structure of the luggage, the main material, the lining, the hardware, the workmanship and other factors. It is difficult to quote only one sample package picture. Below, Xilong luggage summarizes some of the main factors that affect the price of luggage customization, look at the loss! 1. The material of the luggage affects the price the grade and price of the material used by the luggage is the most important factor related to the price of the luggage. Some bags even select special or scarce materials, and their customized prices are naturally higher. 2, the size of the bag affects the price the size of the bag is directly related to the amount of material used, and the most important factor affecting the custom price of the bag is the fabric, and the price of the fabric is generally more than half of the total price. 3, the work of the luggage affects the price the more complicated the work of the luggage, the more manual work, the corresponding processing costs will increase. You get what you pay for. Although the workmanship of luggage is complicated, the price will increase, but the quality is more guaranteed. 4. The quantity of bags affects the price. Most luggage factories have the requirement of minimum order quantity, and they do not even receive orders if they do not reach the minimum order quantity. Generally speaking, the larger the number of luggage production, the lower the cost of sharing, and the luggage factory will also make profits. 5. The hardware of luggage affects the price the hardware used in a luggage accounts for about 15% of the price of the whole luggage, while the hardware is divided into ordinary hardware and special hardware, and the prices of the two are far apart, the use of special hardware will lead to an increase in custom prices. Luggage customization looking for Xilong luggage, Xilong luggage focuses on luggage customization for 12 years. It is an old brand luggage factory in Guangdong, with strong production strength, complete workshop equipment and novel product styles, with integrity, strength and product quality, it has been recognized by the industry and is a luggage manufacturer worthy of trust!
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