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Experts point out what matters should be paid attention to when purchasing new year luggage and bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
'Rich no money go home for the new year' This is the voice of the people for thousands of years, so it is good to go home for the new year. It is hard to say that it is hard to run on the road. Therefore, near the end of the Spring Festival, friends have taken to the streets to buy spare luggage for home, so what should we pay attention to when buying luggage for the new year? First, the purchase of new year luggage, must check the surface of the box shell, to see if it is smooth, no scars, etc. Second, check the edges and corners of the suitcase again to see if it is rough or not. If it is covered with aluminum alloy, be sure to pay attention to whether it is firm or not. Third, after checking the details of the shell, check the wheels of the suitcase and pull the suitcase to see if the bottom wheel is flexible. Four, check the trunk lever button, and whether the lever can shrink freely. 5. If it is a hard box, test the stress and toughness of the suitcase, put the heavy object or sit on the suitcase yourself, and check the quality of the box. Six, the last is to check the performance of the password lock, you can adjust the number at will, try the digital password lock. The six items that experts point out to pay attention to when purchasing new year's luggage. If there is anything unclear, you can call or consult our Xilong luggage customer service online, and we will serve you all the way!
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