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Enterprise backpack customization process needs to know

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
In China's gift market, more and more customers customize backpacks as promotional items for business gifts. Generally, customers will ask to mark their own trademarks on backpacks and change their colors and fabrics according to their own requirements, size, etc. , the conventional minimum quantity of backpacks is more than 500, and some styles that manufacturers have been making for a long time can also be customized in small quantities. So, what is the process of customizing backpacks? What is the process of customizing backpacks? We can classify the backpack customization process from three aspects: backpack manufacturer selection-Confirm backpack style-Confirm the backpack sample and make large goods. 1. Backpack manufacturer choice. First of all, the customer is to collect some professional backpack manufacturers, understand the advantages of the manufacturers, and choose the strength of the supplier. Secondly, if the customer has a sample in his hand, he can send the sample picture or physical object to the manufacturer for quotation. If there is no sample, he can choose a backpack suitable for himself from the style provided by the manufacturer, or let Xilong bags be tailored to your ideas. 2. Confirm the backpack style. After determining the style of the backpack, the customer can start to negotiate with the backpack manufacturer to order details, such as material, size, color, quantity, and finally confirm the details; After confirming the unit price and quantity, you can ask the manufacturer to send backpack samples or pre-production samples. Before proofing the backpack, Xilong luggage will provide accurate backpack parameters and send printed AI format documents for customers to confirm. After the drawings are correct, they can be proofing according to AI format documents. The proofing time is generally 5-7 days. 3. Confirm the backpack sample and make large goods. After the customer confirms the sample, pay the deposit after signing the backpack customization contract; If the sample does not pass, you can re-communicate the modification items for the second proofing, until the sample is confirmed, the backpack customization contract is signed and the deposit is paid, and then the mass production is completed, the production cycle of backpacks is generally 15- Within 20 days, customers can also confirm the goods by going to the backpack factory for inspection or directly calling the manufacturer to deliver large goods. After the quality is passed, the balance will be paid to arrange the delivery. The above-mentioned backpack customization process written according to the three aspects of backpack customization is simple and clear. Enterprises can learn from it and do a better job of backpack customization inspection. Xilong luggage will also fully support and cooperate with enterprises to complete it.
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