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empty malls dampen shoppers\' interest

by:Xilong      2019-08-25
Bangalore: a new shopping mall near you may not always be good news.
Because a random survey by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association (Assocham)
It is revealed that 45% of the shopping malls in the city are vacant.
In October and November, a survey of sidewalks and vacant spaces was conducted in shopping malls in nine cities in India.
It lists many of the reasons for poor occupation: a slowdown in the economy, unattractive location, poor design, lack of facilities such as parking spaces and a lack of strong revenue-generating models.
Industry insiders admit that some of the malls in rajinjin
Malleswaram and Whitefield failed to reach their full potentialà-
Check in and sidewalk.
A shopping mall less than a few kilometers from the Commercial Street
100% of the vacancies began to operate because of their diversity.
However, the mall owner did not fully agree with the reasoning of the investigation.
They blamed the center\'s economic policies for its poor stay, causing economic growth to slow and shopping malls to spring up.
\"Without analyzing the basics of water-collecting area, population, and consumption capacity of commercial potential, shopping centers cannot develop.
They have to be located in a shopping mall, \"said Uday Garudachar, owner of Garuda mall, Bangalore.
The mall manager said that innovation is the need for the moment.
\"Shopping bags have handles, but there are no shopping malls.
Economic change is a way of life. we must adapt to it.
\"During the uncertainty period, retailers must be encouraged to be diverse, more services, and food and entertainment options, rather than increasing the participation of shopping malls/retailers,\" said CEO Jonathan Yach . \" Mall managers are the liberators of Propcare Mantri Square and Brookefields Mall in Bangalore and malls.
Quote \"due to poor location, poor design and poor parking facilities, poor occupancy rate in shopping malls.
Some hotels have an occupancy rate of 60% while others have a occupancy rate of less than 20%.
Occupi found it difficult to manage economically.
Dr. Lavat, secretary general of the American Association.
\"There is a shopping mall on Cunningham Road.
But I have never been there because there are not many shops to go.
But people say the one in Malleswaram is good.
But I don\'t go there because the parking lot is always full.
I would rather go shopping on the high street than go to these shopping centers.
Srikanth S | a resident of Nagwara | \"I have been to one of the city\'s largest shopping malls twice since it opened.
I don\'t like going there because of parking problems.
Shopping malls near Yeshwantpur are not interested in me as I have not heard good reviews about it.
How about other places? Delhi-
NCR company: 55%, mall dangling Mumbai: 52% Ahmadinejad: 51% Nai: 50% Ba-48% Mall
The shopping center industry is booming in India.
There are about 1,200 shopping malls in India.
Assocham\'s survey shows that this figure is expected to reach 1,500 by 2015.
The survey found that nearly 82% of retailers said they would close places where rents were too high and expected further complications from a slowdown in consumption.
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