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Eight structures that have to be learned before customization of luggage case

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Luggage case customization is one of the high-end gift customization choices for enterprises, so there are strict customization requirements for the material control, process selection and promotion image of luggage case customization, if it is just taken over'Custom luggage case' If you don't understand the purchase, you can learn the eight structures that you have to learn before customizing the luggage case. 1. Raw materials and customized raw materials for luggage case include several aspects, mainly referring to the quality, material and variety of luggage case. The quality of raw materials is one of the important factors to measure the quality of a luggage case. Leather is the primary material of the finished luggage case, which includes genuine leather, recycled leather and artificial leather. Each material has its own different characteristics and strength, it directly affects the skill function, skill disposal methods of components and the degree of use. Usually good luggage case will choose genuine leather, commonly used are natural leather, goatskin, yellow leather, pigskin, buffalo leather and sheep skin. However, some small manufacturers will use fake artificial leather to pretend to be genuine leather. We should learn to distinguish between true and false luggage case fabrics. 2. The process of customization of luggage case is mainly various processes, manufacturing methods and manufacturing skills in the production process of luggage case. This aspect reflects the quality and level of a luggage case. It mainly includes two major aspects, namely, the skills of material selection and material opening; Skills and data such as shovel skin thickness, width and slope; Needle shape, needle number, needle distance, margin, thread number, thread color, thread quality and skills and data of open seam, dark seam and semi-open seam in sewing; Selection and disposal skills and data of auxiliary materials; Skills and data of installation process, folding, wrapping, oil edge, glue and fitting; Trace, silk screen, car decoration line, computer embroidery, punching, threading, wearing plants, nailing and other decoration skills and data. 3. Structure, custom structure of luggage case mainly refers to the organic combination of external and internal components of luggage case, under normal circumstances, we will refer to bags, handbags, etc. that use different skills to produce various structures with one or more items of equipment. 4. Shape, the time when the shape planning of the trolley case is customized usually selects a relatively stable body. People think that whether the appearance of several bodies is attractive or not depends primarily on the positive appearance of several bodies, but as for planners, the appearance and details of each side, top and bottom are very important. These aspects are mutually influenced. The luggage planner is required to have sufficient ideas and plans, only in this way can each body become beautiful, atmospheric or give people a unique feeling. 5. Lines, lines are the elements that make up various faces and bodies, and each line will give people different feelings. 'Provoke'A lot of'Blue and White'. Straight line gives people a decent, firm, open, quiet and consistent feeling; Vertical line gives people the feeling of seriousness, standing upright and supporting; The curve gives people a soft, relaxed and comfortable feeling; The wavy line gives people the feeling of free circulation and ups and downs, and different line designs can show different corporate images. 6. The lines include the markings and artificial lines of the data itself. The leather products in the early stage are mostly the grain surface effect of genuine leather (Called needle lines) , There are also cloth patterns of textile materials and various pictures printed on the cloth; In modern times, there are many true and false animal or plant lines; On the basis of the past, modern times use more lines in natural things and plan various creative lines such as several lines and space-time pictures. 7. Accessories and accessories usually play a vital role in the planning and manufacturing of suitcase finished products, and are one of the contents of the comparison center in suitcase planning. Accessories have useful accessories and decoration accessories. Their primary raw materials include alloy, steel, plastic, wood, leather, etc. They are made by spraying color, grinding glue, engraving, marking and other skills. Among them, the important comparison is the roller and the pull rod. These two are the accessories of the comparison center in the trolley case. The quality is directly related to the longevity of the trolley case. 8. Share, in the leather industry, the shape, accessories and component specifications of each bag must be constrained within a certain scale range, so that the finished products of the bag show a different share relationship. Of course, there are also special adjustments to the share, and then highlight the role of exaggeration. There are many varieties of luggage case and suitcase, and the styles are also ever-changing. However, no matter what kind of luggage, these eight elements determine the quality of the luggage, so we can always investigate whether the quality and planning of a luggage case are qualified through the above details, whether we are satisfied with our needs.
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