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Eight basic tailoring processes to judge the quality of luggage

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
The bag sewing process is to connect all the parts and components of the luggage to form a whole, thus forming a complete product. In the process of making bags and bags, there are eight basic processes for cutting, and the quality of bags can be judged from these basic cutting processes, so the following small series will introduce you to the eight basic cutting processes. 1. Stubble pressing seam method: stubble pressing type sewing is a method in which the edge of the upper part is pressed on the edge of the pressed part and the two parts overlap. 2. Reverse sewing method: This method is to use the method of sewing the surfaces of the two components by overlapping the surfaces. 3, the seam method: the seam method is carried out on the basis of the reverse seam, which can be used for the Edge, The Edge, the bottom of the bag and so on. 4, rolling seam method: This method is carried out on the basis of the reverse seam, is generally used in the edge of the component. 5. Seaming method: This is made by sewing one component on the edge of another component. 6. Caulking method: This sewing method is to connect two parts to sew the middle mosaic line. 7. Flat seam method: flat seam method is a plane sewing method. It adopts a single component for sewing, and the sewing is made according to the pattern and lines previously formulated. This sewing method plays a role in increasing the aesthetics of the product. 8. Zigzag sewing method: this cutting method is to sew the sewing machine's presser foot back and forth cross the curve at the splicing place of the two parts after the two parts are connected. There are many sewing processes for bags and suitcases. Different processes can achieve different finished product effects, but the effect depends on the sewing quality, and Xilong has been honed in the luggage industry for more than ten years, it has its own professional senior tailor team, research and development and design team, and has a first-class service team in both tailoring and customization.
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