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E-commerce brings new business opportunities to Baigou luggage market

by:Xilong      2020-03-24
E-commerce has always existed and developed with the advantages of simplicity, quickness, flexibility and low cost. Baigou market, the largest distribution center of luggage in northern China, relies on the development of e-commerce to open up new markets and add new business opportunities. It is understood that the transaction volume of Baigou market through e-commerce platform has accounted for 1/3 of the total sales. After more than 30 years of development, Baigou in Hebei province, as the largest luggage distribution center in northern China, has 4000 luggage production and processing enterprises with a good scale, with more than 0. 7 billion individual processing households and an annual output of luggage. Facing the economic downturn, the traditional business model of Baigou luggage wholesale and retail has encountered new challenges. With the increase of production labor costs and the increase of store rents and raw materials, many physical stores have been greatly affected. Nowadays, luggage has become an accessory product with fast update speed of color, style and material, and limited placement of goods in traditional physical stores, resulting in the update speed of new products lagging behind market demand. Under the condition that the luggage market is gradually in a downturn, e-commerce seems to have brought a dawn to Baigou luggage industry. Baigou New City Management Committee actively guides the majority of production operators to use e-commerce platform to expand the market. According to relevant data, the turnover generated through e-commerce platform accounts for 30% of the total sales. Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. is also using e-commerce to expand the wholesale and customized market of luggage.
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