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Dragon Boat Festival, pull a custom luggage case home to see your parents

by:Xilong      2020-03-21
The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching again. Time flies. Although I call my family every week, I still feel a little homesick, especially the custom of dragon boat race in my hometown, thinking of several dragon boats fighting for each other in the river and the shouting of a sea of people on the bank of the river, my heart began to get excited! Especially when you can wave the paddle with the rhythm from above, how good it feels! So this Dragon Boat Festival holiday decided to go home and see if your parents would experience the feeling of dragon boat race by the way! When I go home in early summer, I don't need to bring a lot of things, that is, I can change my clothes and bring some special things here, so the customized luggage case sent by the company is just right, this pull rod is 26 inches, and it is very comfortable to put a person's things. The style is a popular style. I like it very much. Even the company LOGO on it looks comfortable, because my enterprise is still good, it brings me the joy of success! Pulling this custom luggage case is also a matter of face. Parents are happy to see it, let them know that my unit is good, and the unit also recognizes my ability! The so-called 'son of a Thousand Miles' mother worries, bringing them something that can reassure them about me, or letting them know that I am very good outside! There are still half a month to go back, Dragon Boat Festival, pulling a custom luggage case home to see your parents!
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