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Double Eleven Shopping Festival luggage stocking, quality control can not be loose

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
There is only less than a month and a half left before the annual double eleven shopping carnival. For luggage sales merchants, if they want to go all out to prepare for the Double Eleven, luggage inventory is indispensable, however, if you want to sell your own luggage products without or reduce various after-sales problems after the Double Eleven, you should pay attention to strict control of the quality of your previous orders. Let's take a look at what Xilong luggage manufacturers say. 1. Strictly select cooperative manufacturers, and the Double Eleven is approaching. Most of the large and small luggage manufacturers all over the country are making every effort to produce customized luggage for stocking. For orders with urgent delivery time and large quantity, when producing, it is easy to be hectic, and some production details may not be noticed, thus causing the product to be not exquisite enough and even have problems in product quality. Therefore, no matter how urgent the time is, the chosen cooperative manufacturers must pass the customs, and the products with strength can better guarantee the quality of the products. 2, pay attention to the inspection, for the luggage sales business, the double eleven inventory luggage stock quantity may be very large, the inspection time and energy required are more, at this time, the merchants can not be lazy, luggage products must pay attention to inspection before shipment or after receipt of goods, to determine the quality of products, so as not to accidentally sell inferior products, but affect word of mouth. There is only more than a month left before the double eleven carnival. The sense of urgency of burning eyebrows is heavily branded in the hearts of various businesses. Which manufacturer is good for luggage? Xilong luggage manufacturers are worth choosing. Xilong luggage has been focusing on luggage customization for 15 years. It is a luggage industry and trade enterprise that focuses on the design and research of luggage products and integrates the production, processing and sales of luggage. The marketing headquarters of the company is located in Xiamen, which is responsible for the marketing and promotion business at home and abroad. It is directly under Guangzhou Xilong luggage Products Co. , Ltd. and is responsible for product research and development, production and manufacturing, subsidiary cooperative factory Dongguan Famous Travel Products Co. , Ltd. mainly produces foreign trade. The factory covers a total area of about 3600 square meters and employs more than 120 people. It adopts advanced computer assembly line production and has a high degree of modern equipment. It produces 600000 computer backpacks and related bag products annually, with novel styles and excellent texture, deeply trusted by customers at home and abroad.
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