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Double Eleven carnival, how to find strong luggage custom cooperation manufacturers

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
The National Day holiday is coming to an end, with the last 1/4 remaining in 2016. After the holiday, businesses will have to start preparing for the annual e-commerce promotion-- Double Eleven carnival, and the luggage industry is no exception. At the double eleven carnival, how can businesses find strong luggage customization partners? Double Eleven is a large-scale online shopping carnival in China. All websites are looking forward to this day, hoping to use discounts to attract customers and increase sales quotas on this day, therefore, the merchants are actively inventory for the Double Eleven. At the double eleven Carnival, the merchants are also anxious about the quality of the bags made by the manufacturers. After all, the quality is the various after-sales problems after the double eleven carnival. Then it is very necessary to customize the Double Eleven Carnival bags and find a strong cooperative manufacturer. To judge whether a manufacturer has strength, it needs to be judged by all aspects of the manufacturer, for example, the number of years of establishment of the manufacturer, the scale of the manufacturer, the cooperative enterprise of the manufacturer, and the equipment of the operators of the manufacturer's luggage, etc. Just after the long holiday, there is only one month left before the double eleven carnival. The sense of urgency of burning eyebrows is heavily branded in the hearts of various businesses. Then Xiaobian strongly recommends Xilong luggage customization manufacturers here, can fully alleviate the big problems that are imminent for luggage sellers. Xilong bags was established in 2004. It has more than 200 factory personnel and has served hundreds of well-known enterprises in China, such as CNOOC, TCL, Dell, Huawei, etc.
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