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Do you understand the cleaning of schoolbags and matters needing attention?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
During the summer vacation, most parents will take time to clean the children's schoolbags. After all, after a semester of use, the schoolbags should also be washed to welcome the arrival of the next semester. At present, the schoolbags bought by parents for their children are not cheap. If the method is not proper during the washing process, the school bags may be damaged and affected. So, do you understand the cleaning of schoolbags and matters needing attention? Let's listen to what Xilong bags say. 1. The choice of cleaning method for schoolbags. At present, most schoolbags on the market have a forming process in the production process to fix the schoolbags into a certain shape so as to be beautiful and practical. Therefore, when washing, it is recommended that hand washing is better. If the machine is washed, the extrusion of the washing machine will easily cause the bag to deform, which will affect the use of the bag. If the bag is made of pure cloth and has no forming process, you can also choose machine washing, of course, the specific washing method is still everyone's own feeling, here is only a suggestion. 2. Precautions for bag cleaning, soak the bag in water before cleaning ( Water temperature below 30 degrees, soaking time within ten minutes is appropriate) , Can make the water deep into the fiber, first remove the water-soluble dirt, so that the bag can reduce the amount of lotion when cleaning, to achieve better washing effect. It is normal for the bag to fade slightly when it is cleaned. Please wash the dark fabric separately to avoid polluting other clothes. Do not use it containing (Bleach, fluorescent agent, phosphorus, etc) The detergent, so as not to damage the material of the bag, causing the bag fabric embrittlement and thus shortening the service life. When washing, do not use the brush to brush hard, so as not to cause damage to the pattern of the bag, affecting the appearance, gently scrub. If it is a leather schoolbag, just wipe it clean with a wet towel and do not wash it. 3. Precautions for drying the schoolbag. Do not wring it out with force after cleaning the schoolbag, nor do you want to dry it by washing machine, so as not to cause deformation of the schoolbag. After washing the schoolbag, you can dry the water by hand, then put a cool ventilation on the natural dry not exposure so as not to cause bag fade. At present, the price of schoolbags bought by parents for their children is not low. For better use, parents should pay attention to choosing the right method when cleaning schoolbags, in order to avoid damage to the good bag due to improper cleaning methods. For more information about schoolbags, please come to consult Xilong luggage manufacturers. Xilong luggage specializes in customizing children's schoolbags, children's backpacks, primary school schoolbags, trolley schoolbags, etc, we have customized student schoolbags for well-known institutions such as excellent education, Qiqu composition, US-China science and technology education, Tsinghua Experimental School, etc. The high quality has also been recognized and supported by customers from all sides, welcome to inquire!
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