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Do you know the process of making computer backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
Backpack is also called'Backpack' , Is a luggage bag with one or two shoulder straps on the back of a person. From the use of modern marching load items to the development of modern backpacks. Although there are improvements in structure and materials, its main structural systems are still shoulder straps and luggage bags. Backpacks pay attention to comfort and lightness. According to the use under different circumstances, the designs adopted for walking, shopping, hiking, cycling, etc. will be different, such as more breathable materials, add a support frame to the inside, or add a filler to the shoulder strap to reduce the pressure on the shoulder. So how is a backpack made? This time please follow the footsteps of Xilong Xiaobian, starting from a piece of cloth to understand the customization of backpacks. The production process of backpacks for different purposes is similar, and basically cannot be separated from the word stitching. As for the quality of the finished backpack, it depends on the cloth and the skill of the sewing artist. The so-called Details determine success or failure. The first is the collection of cloth. It is understood that the fabrics and fabrics often used in general backpacks are: DuPont nylon fabric, Oxford nylon fabric, high density nylon fabric, rubber nylon fabric, etc. Only a few commonly used fabrics are introduced here, and the actual production of each manufacturer is different. The next job is to turn the backpack on the drawing into a real thing. First, cutting is an indispensable process. Cut the whole cloth into small pieces according to the specifications. These small pieces correspond to various parts of the backpack, such as net pockets, rain covers, helmet covers. . . . . . Of course, enough space must be reserved for sewing. Second, the backpack lining is sewn for the inside of the backpack, which is conducive to the placement of small accessories. Three, the various parts one by one suture. In the workshop, every part of the backpack will be sewn by fixed Tailors. Most of these tailors are women. They have been engaged in this industry for many years or even longer. They have long been skilled and skillful, and the stitching is clean and smooth, without procrastination. Usually, several tailors work together to form an assembly line and sew by hand with the help of a tailor. After several steps, the prototype of the backpack can be barely seen. Of course, the production capacity cannot match other mechanized technologies. Fourth, this is already a rudimentary inner pocket, which has gone through at least three processes. Five, thus has begun to combine the backpack, the whole internal sewing combination. In the whole production process, skilled tailors cannot do without needles. Six, the inner front back of the backpack, the computer backpack should take into account the internal objects, so the lining is an important part of the computer backpack. Seven, after sewing all parts, the backpack is formed, of course, in actual operation, it is not so good to have three or two sentences. Eight, you may think that the production of backpack is only a sewing process, but it includes hundreds of processes. In this whole process, the master who will carry out the next step of sewing will inspect the sewing products of the previous link and eliminate the inferior products in time. Of course, the final finished products will also be continuously repaired and turned over. For more relevant backpack customization, please look for Xilong bags! For more than ten years, Xilong has been focusing on the customization of bags and suitcases, focusing on the design and development of bags and suitcases, and its specialty comes from the focus. In addition to having a perfect independent research and development system, we have also established a professional production quality control system, and have won the trust and support of many customers in OEM and ODM of luggage products and personalized customization of enterprise groups!
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