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Do everything well with your heart, Xilong luggage

by:Xilong      2020-03-22
Aliwangwang began to shake again. It turned out that TCL, an old customer, came again. ' Kiss, shake me again, is there something good thinking about me'' I want to have good things with you, ha ha'' The somebody else is a beautiful woman, you can't talk and ridicule once. . '' This time there is really a good thing to find you. Our TCL Beijing Office will customize 150 backpacks. Wait for the drawings and requirements to be sent to you' This has been the 5th th time that TCL procurement personnel have taken the initiative to place orders, not only TCL, but also Dell, HP, Ping An Bank, PetroChina and other enterprises that often visit Xilong. All of this is due to the service of Xilong. Many enterprises are generally able to meet the needs of customers when serving customers, and Xilong is often beyond the needs and expectations of customers, especially in terms of service details, Xilong is always different from other companies. In the process of proofing after determining the customization intention, Xilong will not only deliver the samples requested by the customer to the customer, but also send them to the customer together with Xilong's own suggestions, when necessary, some accessories will be delivered to customers for reference; After confirming the order, Xilong clearly knows whether the time for the order is tight or not? On time, it is usually to send the goods to the customer in advance, and there will be information to remind the customer during the whole delivery process. In addition, according to the needs of customers' activities, Xilong often gives customers some small gifts free of charge and puts them in their bags. Finally, Xilong can also have a sincere feedback form, hoping that customers can tell us their opinions after using it! It is this intention that has constantly touched the users of Xilong. In the era of packaging and publicity, Xilong relies on this sincere intention to make customers friends and constantly introduce customer cooperation! Earnest can only do things right, and hard work can do things well!
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