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diy wood tarp clip / fastener

by:Xilong      2019-10-11
Make your own wooden TARP in the wild when you need it --
Or take something out of the box with you while wholesale backpacks, camping, and hiking. . .
Learn this simple original technology jungle craft skill maybe you have a waterproof cloth that you are using and you want to expand its ability without punching holes or by tying pebbles to narrow it down. . .
Back when I was traveling across the country, there was one time when I needed some type of waterproof cloth clip or fastener to catch the edge blizzard of the high quality military poncho I used to avoid the wind.
This poncho has limited buttonholes and I don\'t want to make any more holes, which in turn weakens the poncho.
I also don\'t want to tie the pebbles to the poncho because it will shrink the poncho. . .
Over time, two months have passed and I brainstorm to come up with a DIY wooden waterproof cloth clip/fastener that can be made in the wild with a ready-made Branch or stick, and I came up with an effective way. .
I found this simple tarp clip useful for various missions around the camp.
This easy-to-use clip can be used to grab the edge
Or the area inside.
Almost any type of material, whether it\'s canvas, ripstop/sil nylon, plastic contractor garbage bags, Grabber casualty blanket, Mela space blanket, heat sheets, tents, hammocks and insect-proof nets. . .
You can even fix the tarps/tent edges to the ground with these clips.
There are many possibilities. . .
Learn this simple jungle woodcarving technique and try it out. . .
Poor waterproof cloth clip. .
* Note: \"slip knot\", \"poachers knot\" and \"scaffold knot\" are tied in the same way, the difference is the amount of packages you tie. . . The Slip Knot (
Use a circle/Circle)
Poachers knot (
Use 2 laps/Circle)(
Recommend this wooden waterproof cloth clip and high quality rope)
Scaffold knot (
Use 3 laps/Circle)
There are a lot of videos and illustrations showing how to tie poachers knot, here is a simple video and illustration I like: Timeline: 0-
0: 00 at grab grabtarp shelter0: 00-demonstrate the tarp clip being used
9: 21, I show you how to make/carve wooden waterproof cloth
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