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Different positioning of enterprises for promotional activities determines different promotional gifts

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
Promotional activities are one of the indispensable marketing methods in every enterprise. They are commonly seen in the listing of new products, the May 11 activities, the seasonal clearance and the online sales of the double eleven activities. However, the theme of each promotion is different and the positioning conveyed to consumers is different, which also determines that we should choose different promotional gifts. The following are several common promotional targets. The positioning of new products on the market as the theme, the listing of new products is a common situation in every enterprise, and it is also the most important project for every enterprise. The listing of each new product means a challenge to the market, and the company also invests in the corresponding risks, so it is a top priority to do a new product promotion plan. The purpose of choosing promotional gifts for new products is to set off the characteristics of new products, crowd orientation and grade orientation of new products. If you choose luggage, you can choose small bags such as small satchels and cosmetic bags if you are at the low end. If you are at the middle and high end, you can choose leisure backpacks or business backpacks, while high-end ones can naturally choose cowhide bags and luggage bags. Second, the positioning of seasonal products as the theme, seasonal products are activities held to clean up inventory, the general season time spring in April, summer in October, these are the two most important moments, just during the May Day and the 11th. At this time, the general group will choose to travel or travel. At this time, the bags can choose outdoor backpacks and luggage case. Generally, outdoor backpacks are generally selected, which is low cost and can meet the needs of most groups. Third, the positioning of corporate brands as the theme, some companies have no inventory and no new products, but they can't lose to competitors, so it is mainly to promote their own corporate brands. In the face of their own corporate brand image, I believe that the enterprise is very clear, then the promotional gifts at this time must be personalized according to the image characteristics of the enterprise, and vigorously promote the brand image of the enterprise, of course, the biggest feature of customized gifts is the brand image logo. Choose bags and gifts to customize, according to the brand image and brand positioning of the enterprise, design and develop bags and bags suitable for the enterprise, according to the requirements of the enterprise, select the logo process to print the direct publicity brand logo image of the enterprise brand logo. Xilong bags to design R & D, production sales for integration of gift bags manufacturer in bag in only gift bags only xilong bags have self-design team and R & D team by their own sales order follow up, ship from your own factory, complete a series of processes, and provide you with the best service.
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