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Dajiang Innovation and Xilong luggage negotiate cooperation on UAV backpack customization

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Dajiang Innovation is a divine company in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Dajiang unmanned aerial vehicles almost carry all people's interest in unmanned aerial vehicles. The unmanned aerial vehicle is light and flexible, and easy to operate. It is not only an artifact of marriage proposal, but also a gold medal waiter. It is also a right-hand man for photography enthusiasts. It has even begun to become a fashion. So, how can we protect our beloved unmanned aerial vehicle when we go out? Of course, I have to give it a five-star'Home'. Some time ago, Xilong bags customized employee gift backpacks for Dajiang Innovation. Now Dajiang Innovation once again discussed cooperation matters with Xilong bags and let us customize special UAV backpacks, I hope we can redesign the hard-shell backpack of Dajiang Phantom3 Elf 3 and upgrade the function of the UAV backpack again. The existing Dajiang Phantom 3 hard-shell backpack is a special backpack for unmanned aerial vehicles. The shell is strong, resistant to falling and waterproof, and the inner EPP foaming liner is shock-proof and elastic, the multi-class storage space is tailored for accessories such as unmanned aerial vehicles, aircrafts and remote controls, which is safer and more stable for storage and safer and more reliable for outdoor carrying. The design and R & D team of Xilong luggage has devoted itself to the work with enthusiasm and is working hard to build a new version of the Xinjiang UAV backpack. At present, the first draft of the design of the UAV backpack has been recognized by Dajiang Innovation, but it is still arranging proofing. Xilong bags are very grateful to the trust of Dajiang Innovation and give us another opportunity to cooperate. We will go all out and hope that this UAV backpack sample can satisfy Dajiang Innovation, please also wait and see the new Xinjiang drone backpack!
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