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Customized schoolbags, alert to the harm caused by inferior materials

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
The customization of schoolbags, health and environmental protection are the top priority. Every penny is worth every penny. The low-priced schoolbags may save you money, but it is likely to cause serious physical injury to the users of schoolbags in the future. The schoolbag is customized to guard against the harm caused by inferior materials. Why do you say so? Xilong luggage manufacturers answer for you. Schoolbags made of inferior materials often have a big unpleasant smell, and when cleaning, the color is not firm and the fading phenomenon will be more serious. Schoolbags made of inferior materials, it often has the following main effects: 1. Excessive formaldehyde affects health. Many people think that formaldehyde only comes from house decoration, but inferior schoolbag materials also contain formaldehyde, the material of the schoolbag needs printing and dyeing color in the production project. If the material printed and dyed with inferior ink is selected, formaldehyde may be produced, formaldehyde is a colorless, irritant and soluble organic matter in water. Often inhaled a small amount of formaldehyde, can cause chronic poisoning. The material containing formaldehyde will gradually release formaldehyde during use, which will cause respiratory tract inflammation and skin inflammation through human respiratory tract and skin contact, stimulate eyes and even induce cancer, it is very harmful to human health. Schoolbags are items that children should contact for a long time. If children contact schoolbags with formaldehyde exceeding the standard for a long time, it will certainly affect their health. 2, the release of harmful substances aromatic amine inferior schoolbag material under certain conditions can reduce the decomposition of aromatic amine substances, aromatic amine is a kind of toxic and harmful to human body dye, under reducing conditions, the decomposable aromatic amine component is transferred from the schoolbag to the human skin under some special conditions, especially when the dyeing fastness is not good, and under the action of human secretions, reduction decomposition reaction occurs, releasing carcinogenic aromatic amine compounds, which will change human DNA after being absorbed by human body and become the inducing factor of human pathological changes, thus causing great harm. Customized schoolbags made of inferior materials are harmful. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags, it is necessary to prevent the use of inferior materials. In case of any emergency, manufacturers should be strictly selected, and manufacturers can also be required to issue relevant material inspection reports, ensure that the materials used are up to standard. Custom schoolbags, please look for the Xilong luggage manufacturer. The bags made by Xilong luggage are all selected and excellent materials to ensure that the materials are environment-friendly, healthy, non-toxic and harmless, and to make products that satisfy customers, the products produced by Xilong bags and suitcases all conform to the light industry standards of the People's Republic of China (QB/T1333-2018) ', Can issue relevant test reports, visible product quality and service, worthy of choice, trustworthy.
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