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Custom wash bag for summer travel promotional gifts in 2016

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
During the summer travel season in 2016, a large number of primary and secondary school students, college students and teachers will take a long vacation, especially the 940W college entrance examination students who will graduate in early June. In this quarter, there is no doubt that it is the busiest time for businesses to laugh and crack their mouths. However, laughter must be bitter. In this paradise of summer vacation, many merchants make some new tricks and big promotion every year to attract tourists and customers. For example, students enjoy relief, preferential price, and collective discounts. These are common means, so not everyone can benefit from it, or even lose money. In fact, promotion is not necessarily a big price reduction, and promotional gifts are also a good means. In summer, we can choose seasonal promotional gifts and supplies that customers need, such as wash bags and folding bags. Why choose these two kinds of luggage? First, wash bags are indispensable for travel, mainly used to store wash suits and daily cosmetics; Second, the grade of the wash bag is relatively hazy, and customers are generally willing to support it; The third is the low price of the wash bag, which is acceptable to the general merchants. The following are some of the best-selling wash bag styles for Xilong bags in recent years: 1. Can be customized hanging wash bag. This travel wash bag is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, which is strong and durable and has anti-splashing effect; Fully open design opening, zipper teeth are tight and tidy, the interior is divided into grid storage bag and zipper bag, and the top is equipped with metal hanging head, which can be hung on the wall for storage, while the brand logo of offset printing enterprise is clearly visible, you can also customize personalized enterprise brand logos according to the enterprise's wishes. 2. Nylon wash bag customization. Nylon wash bag, small and lovely, purple and blue, clean, simple and textured. The hanging wash bag can be used for storage. The front width is designed with a semi-circular opening for storage in the main bag. The internal division is designed with various storage slots. It can store all kinds of skin care products, daily necessities and other toiletries, make the wash bag easier to store and use. 3. Pencil Case wash bag design. The pencil case wash bag is beautiful and small, and the nylon hand is flexible and flexible. The Flip folding design is adopted, and the viscous opening design is adopted. After unfolding, the interior is designed with multiple zipper PVC transparent bags, which are highly waterproof; Multiple zipper bags can be classified into cosmetics, facial cleanser and toiletries for reasonable management and easy access. 4. Hand wash bag customized. Hand-held wash bag, fashionable, avant-garde and textured, nylon material is waterproof, dripping water is not infiltrated, and the effect is remarkable. There are two and two small bags inside, which can be used to place daily toiletries for traveling. It is very convenient and can be folded when not in use. Xilong bags and wash bags customized in order to make enterprises and businesses different from their competitors, wash bags and gifts can be customized services, printed with their own brand logos, design ideas or activities, highlight the personality of the merchant, so that customers also have a certain understanding of the merchant, even love. Which wash bag do you like or have a favorite wash bag style, please contact Xilong luggage and let us tailor it for you.
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