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【Custom schoolbag]How to grasp the quality of customized schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-03-17
Near the end of the term, many schools have started to work on the customization of schoolbags in the new semester. Xilong bags have recently received many inquiries from customers about the customization of schoolbags, and in the dialogue with customers, most customers pay the most attention to the quality of schoolbags. Today, Xilong bags will tell you how to grasp the quality of customized bags. Let's learn about it. 1, looking for regular professional manufacturers, bag customization, the choice of manufacturers must be regular professional, so that the quality of the bag is guaranteed. Qualified customers can also come to the factory for inspection. The real strength and qualification of the factory have been determined and the choice is more assured. 2, strictly choose the fabric, the fabric is the basis for the quality of a bag, only the bag made of good fabric can stand the test of time, good fabrics basically have the characteristics of scratch resistance, wear resistance, water splashing resistance and the like, and the quality of schoolbag fabrics is measured by density. The higher the density, the better the quality. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags, attention should be paid to choosing fabrics with better quality, so that the schoolbags made in this way are durable. 3, pay attention to the work, pay attention to the work of the bag sample, you can see the quality of the product from the suture marks, the suture of the high-quality bag should be consistent up and down, the line marks are straight, the needle spacing is consistent, there is no phenomenon such as empty needle and leak needle. 4. Carrying the design, the carrying Design of high-quality schoolbags should conform to the human engineering design, so that when carrying the bag, it will not cause too much pressure to users and effectively reduce the shoulder burden. 5. The strap of the schoolbag is an important part of the schoolbag and is also a relatively easy part to be damaged. The quality of the strap can directly affect the service life of the bag. Therefore, when customizing the schoolbag, pay attention to check whether there are stitches and cracks on the strap and whether the fixed line is good. In addition, pay attention to the bearing capacity and firmness of the strap, especially if you often need to carry heavy items, the bearing capacity and firmness of the straps are very important. 6. Hardware accessories many schoolbags will have certain hardware accessories. The existence of these accessories can make the finishing point for the bag. When customizing the bag, pay attention to the shape and workmanship of the hardware accessories, some hardware accessories are sharp in shape, so they are not suitable for children. Customize the bag, pay attention to the above six elements is the key to grasp the quality of the good book package, if you still have anything you don't know, you can always consult the Xilong luggage manufacturer online. The student's schoolbags are customized in batches, and the Xilong luggage manufacturer is worth choosing. Xilong luggage has many years of experience in bag customization and provides bag customization services for various schools and gift institutions all the year round, the schoolbag products produced all conform to the national schoolbag QB/T1333- 2018 standard, visible strength, service, trustworthy.
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