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Custom luggage hardware accessories mold opening process

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Customized luggage, the use of hardware accessories is a common thing, and the custom luggage hardware accessories mold opening process, most people listen to a face of ignorance, then here, small plait takes you into the world of mold opening technology for luggage hardware accessories. Luggage custom hardware mold opening process generally only needs 5 steps: the first step, first, need to confirm the luggage hardware accessories style, and then arrange mold opening production. In the second step, during the mold opening production of customized luggage hardware accessories, the operator needs to press the shipping embryo through the machine, and this step also needs to include discharging, pressing and so on. The third step is to polish the surface of the embryo of customized luggage hardware accessories, through repeated inspection by operators and repeated polishing, it is not until the effect can proceed to the fourth step that the reverse throwing can be stopped. The fourth step, after polishing inspection, can be packaged good goods embryo, and then plating. The fifth step is that the electroplated embryo needs to be inspected by the operator and then assembled. If The electroplated embryo is a single product, then it can be packaged. The best manufacturer of hardware accessories in custom bags and bags is the one with the best mold opening technology. This is Xilong bags and bags. Xilong bags and bags custom manufacturers have skilled luggage operators, operators in the luggage hardware accessories mold technology in the industry and its professional.
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