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by:Xilong      2020-03-22
The wisdom of a doctor is unfathomable. After watching the TV series 'Zhao's orphan case', I have a deep feeling. The doctors can be described as omnipotent, and all this is due to the current intentions. Hope is to observe with your heart; Smell, smell with your heart; Ask, is to understand the situation with your heart; Cut, is to confirm with your heart. It is also a truth when customizing luggage, and things need to be looked at and heard about! Generally speaking, it is to learn to see, touch, smell and pay attention to details. First, look: look at the appearance of the bag is not just to look at the shape or something, to learn to look at the details of the work, as well as to see the color tone, etc. , and then from the overall feeling to see the entire bag pleasing to the eye; Second, touch: in fact, many friends have misunderstandings, not to say that the bag is about soft, the better, this depends on the different materials, the effect of touching is also different, however, the main point is about the same, that is, the better the hand feeling, the better the general materials will be; Third, smell: Generally, the taste is heavier, and the smell is considered to be a low-quality product, because some merchants also have a material distinction, good plastic water is imported or of high quality, so it smells different; Fourth, look at the glue head: As we all know, the glue head generally refers to the glue part of the leather strap or the leather cut of the bag, in the manufacturing process, this part should be glued together to realize the adhesion. Good manufacturers use imported glue, which has a small smell, is more environmentally friendly, and looks more transparent; Five, hardware and zipper: the use of hardware material also determines the grade of the whole bag, zipper is also, some zipper pull half easy card owner, this is definitely a bad material, choosing good hardware materials is not easy to fade; Six overall curves: The beauty of the overall curve can be judged by mainly observing several details of the luggage, such as: Arc, sharp corners, flip cover, symmetrical parts, three-dimensional parts of the shape, provincial roads, and so on; Seven, look at the lining: in fact, the lining is the real decisive factor to judge the quality of a package, because the appearance of things can be seen, some businesses choose good appearance materials in order to make customers feel good-looking, however, the choice of lining is not so focused, so this affects the texture of the whole bag. A good brand will also choose the lining according to the requirements of the choice of external materials.
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