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Custom laptop bag need to pay attention to what details?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
Modern science and technology are flourishing, and the changes of the times have changed the working habits of business people. From the equipment of the briefcase to the computer briefcase, the daily work computer is always inseparable, this has also driven the market share of laptop bags. Many companies have also launched laptop bag gifts for business partners. What details do you need to pay attention to when customizing laptop bags? 1. The basic requirement of fabric and luggage lies in fabric, especially the luggage for equipment. Since the laptop bag needs to be installed with our computer all the year round, the fabric of the computer bag is required to be durable, wear-resistant and waterproof. The laptop bag is made of fabric with good water resistance, and the bottom is best made of completely water-resistant fabric, so as to better protect the beloved laptop. 2. Internal structure, the internal structure of the laptop bag is basically divided into functional layer and professional computer layer. If you want to protect the laptop, the laptop bag must have strong impact resistance, otherwise, accidental falls or collisions will cause great damage to notebook computers. Therefore, the compartment of the laptop bag must at least have a high-density shock-proof cotton, which can protect the carrying action from impact and damage. 3. Carrying system the carrying system of laptop bag lies in the handle. Currently, there are two kinds of handle designs on the market, which are nylon handle and aluminum alloy handle respectively, both of which are strong, durable and stressed, the main thing is to observe the sewing process of the two handles. The sewing process of the nylon handle lies in the jujube drilling process at the end of the handle, while the aluminum alloy handle lies in the handle with the seam inside the aluminum alloy. Both of them need to be pulled in the bag body and will not be damaged, can be used for a long time.
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