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Custom computer inner bag how to check the sample?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
With the development of the times, notebook computers are becoming more and more common. Notebook computers have gradually become an indispensable tool for people to study and work, and at the same time bring great convenience to people. Generally speaking, notebook computers are generally more expensive. In order to better protect notebook computers, many people will choose to put a close-fitting inner bag on it. For this reason, many enterprises have specially found computer bag manufacturers to customize inner bags as welfare gifts and have received good results. However, the gift computer inner bag is very quality, so you should pay attention to check the quality of the samples provided by the manufacturer. Custom computer inner bag how to check the sample? 1. Look at the workmanship. The suture of the inner bile bag is an important standard for checking the quality of the inner bile bag. The suture of the inner bile bag with good workmanship is very smooth, with no thread ends and no running edges. Even if it is used for a long time, there will be no disconnection or furuncle. 2. Look at the pull head. The pull head is the most frequently used part on the inner bag and the most easily damaged part, so it should be carefully checked. The well-designed inner liner bag usually has some craft treatment to increase the friction on the pull head, which makes the hand feel more comfortable. 3. Smell. If the inner bag releases a pungent taste, then the manufacturer must have chosen inferior materials, and the volatile smell contains various substances harmful to the human body. Customized computer inner bag looking for Xilong luggage customization manufacturer, we were established in 2004, has been focusing on luggage customization services for more than ten years, is a domestic first-line luggage manufacturer, designed and produced computer inner bag for enterprises, the production experience is rich, the product quality is reliable, and the personalized inner bag can be customized for you.
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