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Custom briefcase, the best Father's Day gift for enterprises

by:Xilong      2020-03-19
The third Sunday in June is Father's Day, that is, June 16, with less than a month to go ( Of course, this mainly refers to the father's day time in mainland China. Taiwan's Father's Day is August 8, 88, which is homophonic with father, so it is also called Section 8). Father's Day is a day to express gratitude and gratitude to fathers for their hard work and greatness, thanking them for their contributions to the family, society and enterprises. In recent years, many friends around me have received Father's Day gifts from the company. People who are husband and father are often the backbone and guiding force in an enterprise, for an enterprise, it is a very important part of the crowd, so the Enterprise is also very concerned about them. On the special day of Father's Day, it is not only thanks to them to send them a briefcase, it is also a recognition and encouragement to them. Customized briefcase not only solves the problem of using briefcase, but also makes it convenient for colleagues to work with them. Office documents and even computers can be put into briefcase, and you can put some daily necessities such as mobile phones, lighters and other items into it. Custom-made briefcase is also a live promotion of corporate culture. When employees carry a briefcase with corporate LOGO or corporate information to handle business contacts, it gives other companies a very good impression and adds points to corporate image! Of course, there is another advantage of customizing the briefcase, which is to save money for the enterprise. The construction of enterprise culture occupies a considerable part in the expenditure of each enterprise, and it is not easy to achieve good results, customized briefcase can solve this problem well. First of all, the market price of briefcase is generally higher, while customized briefcase is generally between 100 and 200 yuan, and the cost is not high, but save expenses for employees and win their recognition; Secondly, official documents are office supplies that are carried with you at any time. The more contacts you have, the deeper your emotions will be and the greater your role will be. Even after employees leave, they will think of the good of the enterprise due to their briefcases, finally, mobile advertising. The various advantages and benefits of custom-made briefcase can be said to be the first choice for enterprise customization. Father's Day is coming, and enterprise customization briefcase will inevitably become the best Father's Day gift for employees!
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