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Custom backpacks should pay attention to the relationship between backpacks and health

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Backpacks are practical and fashionable, and more and more enterprises are looking for backpack manufacturers to customize gift backpacks. However, the backpack has a certain impact on human health, carrying a backpack for a long time, easy to cause shoulder muscle strain, high and low shoulders, spine bending and other diseases. Next, Xilong Xiaobian will tell you about some precautions for customizing backpacks. First, when customizing a backpack, it is best to choose a custom-made backpack. The backpack can share the weight of the bag to the shoulders and waist, which can reduce the load on the spine and minimize the impact on human health. Second, when customizing a backpack, you should choose a lighter fabric, which is conducive to reducing the weight of the backpack and reducing the load on the backpack body. In addition, some unnecessary accessories should be reduced on the backpack. Third, when customizing backpacks, attention should be paid to the design of straps. The wider the backpack strap, the larger the stress surface of the shoulder and reduce the damage caused by the local stress of the shoulder. Customized backpacks looking for Xilong luggage custom manufacturers, we were established in 2004, more than ten to focus on luggage customization, customized gift backpacks for many well-known enterprises, is a cooperative manufacturer worthy of your trust!
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