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Custom backpack small details that cannot be ignored

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Customized backpack, we always pay attention to the style, color diversification and fabric of the backpack, and rarely care about the backpack accessories that play an important role. We often say that the details determine success or failure, not only the customizer, but also the bag designer can not ignore these small details of the custom backpack, he is not only related to the beautiful appearance of the backpack, it is more connected with the service life of the backpack. The following are small details that cannot be ignored in custom backpacks. 1. Pull the head. The pull head will always be ignored, or just focus on the performance of the process. The pull head can choose plastic and metal, the metal pull head is noble and generous, and the plastic pull head is simple and simple. Both of them can use the mold opening process to print the corporate brand logo, which is also a small detail of the publicity image. We often encounter the situation that the zipper is in, but the pull head is separated from the pull head. If there is no good pull head, the zipper is not complete. A good metal pull head is beautiful and does not drop paint, and a good plastic pull head has strong toughness. 2. Zipper. YKK is the best zipper, followed by SBS. The zipper is composed of chain cloth, chain teeth and pull tab. The thicker the chain cloth is, the better, the denser the chain teeth. We choose a good zipper in order not to prevent the zipper from collapsing outdoors, backpack'Opening Money' The situation occurs, light is embarrassing, heavy is losing money, if it is a business logo custom bag, it will seriously affect the customer/employee's love and trust for the company. 3. Carry the handle. Handles are another way to carry backpacks. They are divided into nylon, polyester handles and aluminum alloy handles. The material of the handle is required to be strong and stressed. The nylon handle is medium and high grade, and the mountaineering bag has a large storage capacity, so the nylon handle is basically used. Aluminum Alloy handle is a hand-protecting metal handle exclusively developed by Xilong luggage, which conforms to the human body handshake system. Nylon webbing is added inside the metal, which is soft and rigid. It is a practical new type of handle and won the title of the State Intellectual Property Office-Utility model patent certificate. Of course, the material is important, and the seams on both sides of the handle are reinforced (Jujube reinforcement, secondary sewing) It is also a measure of durability. We can also pull the handle to test stability. 4. Webbing. Cotton webbing is better than nylon webbing is better than polyester webbing. The higher the density, the better the webbing, and vice versa. How to divide the density size, the basic feel is relatively strong density, feel loose density is small. In addition, the edge of the webbing does not cut the hand, the smoother the better. Grain materials are divided into polyester and nylon, high-grade nylon webbing, nylon webbing looks bright, burning is white smoke. The texture of webbing can be divided into twill, plain weave and so on. Twill is basically used for wrapping. If the wrapping of backpack straps is plain weave, it is basically low-grade goods. 5. logo. Logo is the theme of the whole backpack customization. It has metal mold opening, silk screen printing, offset printing and embroidery. Metal mold opening is generous and decent, silk screen printing and embroidery are classical and elegant, offset printing is simple and simple, each craft has its own style, and I believe everyone attaches great importance to logo, because it is related to the theme display of the event, the promotion of the event, or the brand image of the enterprise.
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