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Custom backpack how to choose backpack buckle?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
When it comes to buckles, I believe everyone is familiar with them. People who have used bags know that they are also everywhere in daily life, such as clothes, shoes, hats, camera bags, mobile phone bags, etc, as a traveler who loves outdoor activities, it is necessary to understand the performance of backpacks and increase the depth of understanding of buckles. In particular, the buckles in the outdoor backpack have extremely high requirements for safety. Otherwise, if the buckles suddenly fart during the journey, it is really a thing that makes people want to cry. The integral backpack is generally composed of fabric, waterproof glue, Buckle, zipper, webbing backboard and mesh. Now let's introduce the types and materials of buckles to you. First, the classification of buckles, backpack buckles are generally divided into Buckle (Also known as bypass buckle) , Sun buckle, ladder buckle, Hook buckle, rope buckle, and some more special purposes, now introduce the characteristics, use and strength of these fasteners. 1. The materials selected for the buckle are generally POM, PP and NY. The buckle is composed of a male buckle and a female buckle. One end is fixed with a webbing, and the other end can be adjusted by the webbing. The length of the webbing is selected according to different needs. It is generally used for the shoulder and waist fixation. In order to play the role of plug-in buckle more effectively, luggage manufacturers are also making continuous efforts to reduce the weight while ensuring the same strength, such as V-shaped plug-in buckle and Y-shaped buckle, which are often used in baby carriages, on the safety products such as taxi safety belts, of course, according to the different backpacks, there are also sewing buckles, rotatable buckles, etc. The process of female buckle can be authorized to design color LOGO or LOGO, electroplating, silk screen printing and color painting. According to the different hand feeling, polishing, rubber oil spraying and so on can also be carried out. In terms of strength, the 25mm buckle used in a general casual backpack can bear 40-50 kg, good buckle can reach 80-90 kg. 2. The materials of the Sun buckle are generally POM, PP and NY. Generally speaking, The Sun buckle is usually used on the shoulder strap of the backpack and the shoulder strap of the satchel to adjust the length of the webbing. In order to prevent skid, the cross bar in the middle of many daily Buckles is designed with stripes. 3. The ladder buckle is generally made of PP, POM and NY. The function of the ladder buckle is also to shrink the webbing, which is generally used at the end of the shoulder strap to adjust the close-fitting degree of the backpack. There are not many classics in ladder buckle modeling and functional design. 4. The material of the rope buckle is generally PP, NY and POM, which use the elasticity of the spring ring to misplace and jam the rope. The rope mouth can be of caliber size, single hole and double hole, applicable to all kinds of OO rope, nylon rope and elastic rope. And can design LOGO and rope buckle according to customer's requirements, with a wide variety, there are also metal materials 5. The materials used to hook it generally come from PP, NY and POM. Hooks are generally used on the side of shoulder bags, with D rings connected on one side and webbing on the other side. Now with alloying elements, the strength of the hook is even greater. Second, the test of the buckle has two main aspects in the test process: one is the tensile test, which mainly tests the bearing capacity of the buckle. It is divided into two steps to complete: 1. Instantaneous tensile test, mainly used for buckle, D Buckle and daily buckle, to test the strength of the buckle when it suddenly encounters strong tensile force. 2, lasting tension test, its main principle in determining the weight of a certain load, the time value of the buckle. 3. There is also the detection of the number of times the plug-in buckle is used, and the plug-in buckle will deform after the number of times the plug-in buckle is tested. The second is the temperature test, which mainly tests the bearing capacity of the buckle at unconventional temperatures, divided into two kinds of high temperature and low temperature 1, high temperature is usually set at 70 degrees Celsius 2, low temperature is usually set at minus 30 degrees, the time is 24 hours, and then test the change of strength. In addition, with regard to acid-proof tests and the like, corresponding values can be tested according to different requirements and materials, among which metal fasteners are related, it is also necessary to test its rust prevention, corrosion prevention, drug resistance, etc. If the plastic buckle is processed after the product, such as electroplating, water dyeing, oiling and other processes, further tests are needed to test whether these additional processes are qualified. Of course, there are higher standard tests applied to extreme sports such as diving. The above is a brief description of the buckle. With the continuous development of the product, the variety is increasingly diversified, and the detection in this area is becoming more and more strict. If you want to customize your buckle backpack, please look for Xilong bags! Xilong luggage, founded in 2004, has been specializing in the customization of luggage. With 12 years of experience in luggage customization, it is a comprehensive luggage factory integrating design, production, sales and production, committed to providing high-quality luggage customization services, serving many large enterprise customers at home and abroad, word of mouth guarantee, trustworthy!
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