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Custom aluminum boxes need to pay attention to the classification of plates

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Customized aluminum box is made up of aluminum strips and plates. The quality of aluminum box plates selected by enterprises directly affects the daily use and service life of aluminum boxes, so the quality of aluminum box plates is very important! At present, the plates used to make aluminum boxes in the luggage market can be divided into the following six categories: 1. Mirror aluminum-plastic plates: the surface of aluminum alloy panels is polished like a mirror, noble and elegant, it is often used for customization of safe deposit boxes and bank underwriters. Second, coating decorative aluminum-plastic plate: coating various decorative coatings on the surface of aluminum plate, which has decorative effect and is the most common variety in the market; Three, color printing aluminum-plastic plate: rich and colorful color printing is deeply loved by enterprise customers, because it can outline aluminum boxes of different colors according to the requirements of enterprise customers. The plate is to print different patterns on the transfer paper with color ink through computer phototypesetting printing technology to print various natural patterns, then, through the thermal transfer printing technology, all kinds of natural patterns are copied indirectly on the aluminum-plastic plate; Four, film decoration composite plate: that is, according to the set process conditions, relying on the role of adhesive, make the color grain film adhesive on the aluminum plate coated with primer or directly stick on the aluminum plate treated by degreasing; V. Oxidation coloring aluminum-plastic plate: adopting the timely treatment of anodic oxidation aluminum alloy panel has unique colors such as Rose Red, bronze and so on, playing a special decorative effect; Six, brushed aluminum-plastic plate: the surface of the aluminum alloy panel after wire drawing treatment, the common is gold wire drawing and silver wire drawing products, giving people a different visual experience. Each kind of aluminum box plate has its own characteristics, so when customizing the aluminum box, we should communicate with the aluminum box factory What plate to use, so as not to produce the aluminum box can not achieve the expected effect. If you have not found a suitable aluminum box custom factory, you can choose Xilong luggage factory. Xilong luggage factory has been specialized in customizing aluminum alloy boxes for 12 years, including military aluminum boxes, aviation aluminum alloy boxes, instrument aluminum magnesium alloy boxes, etc. For more than ten years, Xilong luggage has insisted on customer first, and the reputation of the industry is very clear. Therefore, in the customization of aluminum boxes, it is often cooperated with enterprises such as the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Ke Hui Medical, Johnson & Johnson Medical, etc, get consistent praise and long-term support.
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