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Computer bag manufacturers teach you how to choose custom computer bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
Xilong luggage manufacturers will always meet many new customers, but they don't know how to choose to customize computer bags, but Xilong luggage sales will patiently analyze the key points of computer bags with customers. If you are also confused about how to customize the computer bag, it has not been solved yet? This time Xilong bags will be explained to customers who want to customize computer bags. How do you choose to customize computer bags? 1. Clearly choose the purpose of the computer bag, the first thing is that customers should understand what kind of computer bag they want. Mainly divided into two kinds: ordinary computer bag backpack and business computer backpack. Ordinary computer backpacks are more concerned about the protection of computers; The business computer backpack has a computer compartment and a document compartment, and more consideration is given to the classification of documents and business items outside the computer. Therefore, the first thing to be customized is to choose the style! 2. Make it clear that the material of the computer bag requires the quality of the computer bag. The higher the density, the more wear-resistant the material, the smoother the hand feeling, and the better the waterproof and dustproof performance. Therefore, when customizing computer backpacks, try to choose those computer bags made of high-density materials, so as to fully protect notebooks, such as 1680D Oxford cloth or encrypted nylon material, which looks high-grade and very durable; Or the enterprise just wants to customize the computer bag for promotional gifts, and Xilong bags can also customize the computer bag for you according to your budget. 3. Clear computer bag storage requirements, when choosing a computer backpack, pay attention to the choice of details, whether the design and design of small change pockets, key hooks, pen pockets, file pockets, computer compartments and even cigarette and lighter pockets inside the computer backpack are reasonable. Can refer to our sample, can also add your creativity, add these small parts accessories! 4. Clear computer bag Workmanship requirements computer bag customization main inspection process. We need to see whether the corner of the computer bag and the pressing line are neat, whether there is off-line or jumper. If every needle is very exquisite, it is high-tech. The factory should be chosen! Xilong luggage factory creates quality! 5. It is clear whether the zipper of the computer bag is strong and durable. The zipper of the computer bag is often the most easily overlooked detail, but it is also the key to customizing the computer bag, A good quality zipper not only allows you to easily complete the loading action, but also is an important part of the weight safety of the notebook bag. It is important to choose a zipper for a good quality computer bag, so it is not sloppy. The above is the details of the computer bag that the Xilong luggage manufacturer has customized for everyone according to the standard computer bag customization standard. If you have your own samples or requirements, you can also design computer bags of exclusive corporate brands according to your ideas.
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