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Commonly used fabrics for custom gift bags

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
Gift bags are both practical and atmospheric, and are favored by more and more enterprises. Although it is more and more common for enterprises to find luggage manufacturers to customize gift bags, many enterprises still do not know what fabrics are commonly used for bags. Below, there are some common sense of applying fabrics for customized gift bags, hoping to help everyone! What fabrics are commonly used for customized gift bags? 1. Spandex. Spandex has the advantages of high elasticity, high elasticity and good recovery. Generally, 2% can improve the sense of movement, drape and shape preservation of the fabric, but the Alkali resistance is weak. 2, polyester. Polyester is polyester fiber, the characteristics are good permeability and moisture discharge, and strong acid and alkali resistance, as well as the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. 3, nylon. Nylon is also called polyamide fiber. Its advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance and good deformation resistance. Its disadvantage is that it feels hard. 4, canvas. Canvas is made of pure cotton indigo dyed warp yarn and natural weft yarn, interwoven with right twill on top and bottom, which can be generally divided into light, medium and heavy types.
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