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Common sense of shoulder bag maintenance

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
First: Don't carry it often. If you exercise for a long time, you 'd better not choose to carry your backpack for a long time. Such a long time is not good for your body, try to carry it on your back after an hour or two, so that the combination of work and rest can greatly prolong the life of your backpack! Second: always let your backpack see the sun, don't put it in the house for a long time without outdoor sports, without the sun's rays, your backpack may be moldy, at the same time, there will be some peculiar smell, not to mention that you have to carry it on your back, so you might as well take out your love bag for sunbathing at intervals and give it more sunshine. Third: try to avoid the friction with the backpack. In use, it is inevitable to encounter some wear and tear. Try to reduce the damage caused by wear and tear, and do less wear and care. Try to avoid the place where the friction force is large or the surface is not smooth. If you must use it, you should also keep an eye on it. You must not have positive friction. Xiamen luggage Shanghai luggage Beijing luggage Xiamen luggage custom Xiamen luggage manufacturer Xiamen luggage order, Xiamen luggage purchase Xiamen luggage supplier Xiamen luggage style Xiamen business leisure bag Xiamen Sports Leisure bag, business computer backpack sports leisure backpack business tie rod luggage leisure tie rod luggage ODM, OEM Xiamen computer bag, Xiamen Travel Leisure bag Xiamen digital bag Xiamen mummy bag Xiamen Gift luggage Xiamen environmental protection shopping bag Xiamen fashion shopping bag, xiamen luggage case Xiamen backpack Xiamen mountaineering backpack Xiamen shoulder bag Xiamen shoulder bag, more related luggage custom information please click: Xiamen Xilong luggage website article editor: Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. Tel: 0755-25579491 Contact: Zeng Shun
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