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Common sense of luggage customization--Buckle

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
Buckles can be seen everywhere in our daily life. In order to understand the custom bags, it is very necessary to only understand the buckles. The following small series will introduce you to several common types of buckles. First, there are many kinds of hooks, including standard plastic hooks and some grotesque ones. Second, D-ring, because its shape is like a letter'D”And get the name. It has a wide range of uses. It is often used on straps to fix water pipes or hang some small items. Three, square ring, like D-ring, square ring is also named for its appearance. Square rings are often used in plug-in systems. Four, rope buckle, generally used together with the rope, used to buckle the rope is too long. For example, there is usually a rope and a rope buckle at the mouth of a big bag, and the rope buckle is used to pull the mouth of the bag. Five, zipper tail buckle, general mountaineering bag zipper tail is not using YKK zipper tail metal sheet, but through the rope, with a tail buckle. On the one hand, it is convenient to pull, on the other hand, there is no sound of metal collision when walking. Six, the handle, mountaineering bags generally do not need to produce a special handle, generally use the general webbing as a handle, this may be due to weight considerations. This article comes from Xilong luggage http://www . Azy288. com/
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