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Common sense of computer bag maintenance

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
Computer bags are becoming more and more common. Although they are made of various fabrics, like leather bags, they must pay attention to daily maintenance so that they can be used for a long time and worry about themselves. Below, Xilong Xiaobian has collected some common sense of computer bag maintenance, hoping to help everyone! Common sense 1: dry cleaning most computer bags are made of nylon and canvas. These computer bags have more stripes and bright colors. When cleaning them, it is best to choose the way of dry cleaning, so that it can avoid its fading. Common sense 2: air-drying. For the computer bag made of nylon fabric, after cleaning with water, it should be dried in the shade or air-dried as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight to prevent the surface of the computer bag from being damaged during drying. Common sense 3: moisture-proof computer bag is mainly used to place notebook computers, so attention should be paid to moisture-proof. It is recommended to leave the moisture-proof agent attached to the computer bag in the bag. Common sense 4: durable, in order to make the computer bag more durable, you should avoid overloading or excessive pulling of your computer bag, and avoid the computer bag being stabbed or scratched by sharp objects.
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