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Common sense about custom brand bags

by:Xilong      2020-03-24
At present, there are still many enterprise luggage manufacturers who do not have their own brand image, the capital chain is weak, and the marketing methods are to lower prices to win foreign orders. As a result, it has disturbed the industry from time to time and greatly reduced the profit space, making it difficult for many enterprises to survive and close down. So, what kind of mentality should small and medium-sized enterprises adhere to in business negotiations with foreign businessmen? Today, the small Editor of Xilong luggage will discuss this issue with you. If Chinese gift companies want to develop rapidly, it is necessary to actively expand overseas markets. In the expansion of overseas markets, business negotiations with foreign businessmen have become a confusing problem for many enterprises. A good attitude is the key to business negotiations, and we should not be arrogant or impetuous. Many small and medium-sized gift companies are always indomitable in the process of negotiation with foreign businessmen. They trade for the sake of transaction and blindly lose their negotiation bottom line and negotiation capital. Although I urgently need distributors and retailers to help me obtain sales revenue, he also needs to find products of high quality and reasonable price among various products, therefore, negotiation is a process of finding the interests of both sides. Chinese enterprises must not have the sense of relying on others in the negotiations with foreign businessmen, and the cooperative relationship of equality and mutual benefit is lasting. In the process of negotiation, we often encounter differences in business concepts due to the differences between Eastern and Western cultures. How to deal with it improperly, it is very likely to lose the order. So how should small and medium-sized enterprises allocate the differentiation of this concept in the process of negotiation with foreign businessmen? In fact, in the luggage production industry, foreign businessmen are often very open to personal relations in business contacts, and think that they are in contact with Easterners. Friends'After that, products with high quality and price will often be obtained. Therefore, it is inclined to establish an absolutely commercialized relationship when negotiating with me, which virtually adds a layer of estrangement to the negotiation and breaks the atmosphere of communication. In fact, this kind of relationship is opposite and unified. From another angle, both sides can create a harmonious atmosphere of communication. Often such a relaxed, peaceful, relaxed and pleasant negotiation atmosphere gives each other more trust and patience to listen to different opinions and gives business friends more opportunities to speak, at the same time, it also narrowed the distance between the two sides. After getting down to business, it is easy to find a common language to resolve the differences or contradictions between the two sides. Brilliant negotiators often start from outside the central topic and gradually introduce the topic. It is the so-called kung fu outside the poem' Under the condition of friendship and equality, the best way to avoid commercial risks will finally realize the optimal allocation of cooperation, to achieve a win-win goal, these are exactly the concepts that enterprises need to convey in their contacts with foreign businessmen. Xiamen luggage Shanghai luggage Beijing luggage Xiamen luggage custom Xiamen luggage manufacturer Xiamen luggage order, Xiamen luggage purchase Xiamen luggage supplier Xiamen luggage style Xiamen business leisure bag Xiamen Sports Leisure bag, business computer backpack sports leisure backpack business tie rod luggage leisure tie rod luggage ODM, OEM Xiamen computer bag, Xiamen Travel Leisure bag Xiamen digital bag Xiamen mummy bag Xiamen Gift luggage Xiamen environmental protection shopping bag Xiamen fashion shopping bag, xiamen luggage case Xiamen backpack Xiamen mountaineering backpack Xiamen shoulder bag Xiamen shoulder bag, more related luggage custom information please click: Xiamen Xilong luggage website article editor: Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. Tel: 0755-25579493 Contact: Zeng Shun
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