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Common luggage fabric category

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
The fabric of luggage is the main material of luggage products. There are many kinds of materials that can be used for luggage products. Luggage also has different classifications due to different fabrics, such: real leather bags, imitation leather bags, plastic boxes, plush bags, cloth handbags, etc. Fabric not only directly affects the appearance of the product image, but also related to the price of the product, in the design should pay attention. Style, material and color are the three elements of design. The two factors of the color and material of the luggage are directly reflected by the fabric, and the style of the luggage is also guaranteed by the characteristics of the material such as softness, stiffness, thickness and weight. 1. Plastic. Plastic is the material variety commonly used in luggage. It is mostly used for hot pressing molding of box parts and is the main material of luggage. Not only is the color rich and colorful, but also the performance is very good. 2. Natural leather material. The raw material of natural leather is all kinds of animal skins. Natural leather is elegant and elegant in appearance, soft and plump in hand feeling, and has good durability and performance, which is very popular among users. However, due to its high price, the use of leather bags is limited to a certain extent. There are many natural leather materials applied to luggage products, and there are also great differences with different kinds of performance. 3. Artificial leather and synthetic leather. The appearance of artificial leather is similar to natural leather, and the price is low, and the color is various. It has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production and people's life. The artificial leather produced in the early stage is made of PVC coated on the surface of the fabric, which has poor appearance and practicability. In recent years, polyurethane synthetic leather varieties have been developed, which has significantly improved the quality of artificial leather, in particular, the non-woven fabric for the bottom base and the polyurethane porous material for the surface layer are used to imitate the structure and composition of natural leather, and the synthetic leather has good practical performance. 4. Fiber cloth (Fabric). Fabric can be used in both fabric and lining in luggage. Applied to the fabric is not only colorful in color, but also very good in performance. 5. Artificial fur. With the development of textile technology, artificial fur has developed greatly. Artificial fur leather has the appearance of natural fur, and the price is low and easy to keep. It is also close to natural fur in terms of performance, in the design of luggage, it can not only be used for trimming materials, but also can be used to make bags full of children's interest.
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