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coles customer vents over how staff packed her reusable bag

by:Xilong      2019-09-02
A disgruntled Coles customer claimed that her reusable bag was overpacked.
Source: Facebook/Hope Amy Leah Wood Source: Facebook \"can you do a favor for Australia, do the faculty pack the luggage correctly?
\"Frustration with Coles and woolworth\'s ban on plastic bags doesn\'t seem to stop, as customers now vent their anger at the way employees apparently pack reusable bags.
Supermarket giants have decided to charge 15 cents for thicker, reusable plastic bags, which makes them grumpy, but this is not the only reason for the commotion at checkout.
Coles\'s customers vented their frustration through social media, saying that after the checkout staff overpacked reusable bags, their employees needed to \"retrain\" the packaging \".
Queensland women want Amy Leah Wood to complain to Coles on Facebook that Saturday \"is the tip of the iceberg for me! ”.
She said she has been supporting the plastic ban at the local Kalgoorlie store for the past month, \"giving employees time to learn and get used to better packing bags \".
But MS Wood claimed the items were not packed in sequence.
\"I have a cold storage bag, the bottom is full of cans, the middle is crushed with yogurt, the top is crushed with meat, and there is an ordinary bag with meat, toiletries, muffins,
\"Before scanning how items should be packed to help the staff, I always put them together and it doesn\'t matter for the last few weeks!
\"Can you do a favor for Australia? Teach the staff to pack their bags correctly!
Another customer, Laura Stott, also agreed with MS wood that all the staff at the Coles store \"need retraining when packing reusable bags \".
\"For this reason, I tore the handles of the four refrigerated bags.
My back hurts!
Just because they can squeeze so much money doesn\'t mean they should.
I brought the extra stuff now and repacked half of it in the car.
But not everyone is on the side of the MS, and it is suggested that she \"maybe pack her own luggage\", \"pack it like Aldi, and let everyone pack their own luggage \".
Coles responded to MS Wood\'s post, apologized for hearing her frustration and thanked her for her feedback.
\"We are sad to hear your frustration because we are proud of the high level of customer service we offer,\" a spokesperson for the supermarket chain released.
\"We will make sure this [is]
Passed on to the store and regional manager and we would like you to notice the progress forward.
In a statement provided to the news. com.
Au, a Coles spokesman, said it \"sincerely thanks\" all customers involved in the transition to a single saying no --
For reusable alternatives, use a plastic tote custom backpacks and yes \".
In theory, most shoppers support the ban.
Image: Peter Rae/AAPSource: AAPShe says extra check-
Outs will be open from nine o\'clock A. M. to nine o\'clock P. M. in New South Wales and Victoria and from nine o\'clock A. M. to seven o\'clock P. M. in Queensland and Western Australia.
Woolworth is the first supermarket giant to phase out a single brand.
The use of plastic bags has overcome many bounces.
Coles followed.
12,500 of customers surveyed by Woolworths
Plastic bags are prohibited.
According to its findings, almost 75 people supported the transition to reusable bags, while fewer than 15 people opposed the practice.
However, it still caused outrage among customers, and one person even stole a shopping basket to protest the ban.
Frustrated shopper Vanessa Paola wrote on Cole\'s Facebook page: \"When every vegetable is wrapped in unnecessary plastic, please do not claim that it is an eco-friendly move not to provide plastic bags.
Do you really need to pack four tomatoes or a lettuce?
Michelle Goodman wrote: \"So you replace them with thicker plastic bags that people will still throw away.
Almost no plastic ban
\"There are a lot of people on social media who are angry about it, but as many have pointed out, the shift to reusable bags has been announced for months.
In South Australia, the ban on plastic bags has been in place for nearly a decade and life continues.
\"They have been advertising for a few months.
\"Harden, make changes, and help the planet on which you live,\" Sam Williamson said on Facebook . \".
\"Keep up with the times, buy a 99 C bag, remember to take it with you and finish it,\" Jake Trolberg said . \".
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