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clean those reusable shopping bags

by:Xilong      2019-09-26
More and more of us are trying to live a greener life.
We buy organic, we recycle.
We are even encouraged to use our own bags when shopping.
This is all about avoiding waste and saving the Earth.
But now, one of the efforts to save the planet has clearly brought a series of problems.
If mishandled, these reusable bags can actually do harm to consumers.
Health Canada released an environmental consultation on Tuesday to ensure consumers use the bags correctly.
It is recommended to clean and clean bags frequently.
Health Canada has found that bacteria and other things live and grow in bags that are consumer friendly-things we really don\'t want around food or family.
A study completed by Dr in 2009
Richard Chambel, research director at the Toronto Center for Motion Measurement, found that many bags contain bacteria, mold, yeast, and even some more disgusting things.
Those unwanted bagworms can lead to something very unpleasant.
The first risk is food poisoning, but other problems include skin infections such as boils, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even ear infections.
But one thing you need to know before you give up reusable plastic bags and return them full of love: The research is funded by the environmental and plastics industry council or EPIC.
So, basically, plastic people pay for it.
This should not invalidate the guidelines and should not be overly afraid of using these reusable packages.
Just like you wash the sheets and towels, wash the towelsusable bags.
Wash them frequently with warm water or a mild bleach and water mixture.
Also, make sure you put the same bag on the counter for cleaning as it can be placed on your counter if it is on the bag.
If possible, when you shop, put the fruit in one bag, put the meat in another bag and separate your items.
Things that leak, such as packaged meat, may need another package for the sake of safety.
But keep in mind that even these precautions may not work because the store bagging staff can transfer bacteria from one reusable bag to another.
This is certainly a strategy for the plastics industry.
You can do the same test on a sofa, Chair, mattress, kitchen sink or anything else you interact with frequently, and the result can be worse.
It may be a good idea to wash bags regularly, just as it is a good idea to wash sheets, clothes or yourself, but it is foolish to \"hint\" that eco-friendly reusable bags are dangerous.
One should note that if you buy reusable bags, buy those bags that don\'t have a lot of lead on the logo/font.
Google found them in the \"unleaded reusable bags\" place.
But I don\'t eat my couch.
I did eat the food in the bag.
A strategy for the plastics industry is yes.
But ask people to deal with the \"danger \".
You\'re always around the bacteria.
Of course, there are bacteria on grocery bags.
Bacteria on everything.
But, assuming you are fairly healthy, most bacteria are good for you.
What is not safe is the antibacterial chemicals built into everything these days (
Try to find a soap without it, dare I say).
The use of plastic bags is compulsory, and antibacterial products are prohibited.
We will all be safer.
They may want to vaccinate their petri dishes with college student backpacks and then start to feel better about shopping bags.
When I was a staff member, the time of the semester was enough to cultivate mass hysteria and close all higher education, and I found that some bags caused asthma attacks, some bags let me break the arm that put the food in the bag.
So please wash the bag.
I had to use these bags which got me stuck.
Rothman spoke well.
Also, unless you are a full lazy guy, you may not have juice for raw meat in places such as sofas.
Brett\'s assumption is just an empty statement without any support.
The average reusable bag weight is 423 times that of a disposable bag.
Disposable bags are used twice on average.
In order to break even, 846 usage is required on reusable bags.
Almost never happened.
Reusable bags actually add waste from landfill sites. engnrjim. . . . .
What is the weight of reusable bags related?
On the positive side, if there are really deadly bacteria on these bags, then the reduction in the number of humans will be good for the environment.
Engnrjim, do you work in the plastics industry?
The number of plasitc bags equal to reusable bags in terms of weight is not important.
Unlike cloth bags, it still takes thousands of years for plastic to break down.
As for those who claim that they will not eat from the couch or will not use cloth bags because they are dirty. . .
Aren\'t the shopping carts and baskets where you put your food dirty as well?
Your food is going to be washed, right?
You don\'t eat your couch a day. Wrong.
If you are sitting on the sofa, \"bacteria\" will reach your mouth and nose.
If washing the bag is so important, think about those who are dead now.
Eating the strawberries you fall into the ditch is no more dangerous than eating the strawberries you buy at the grocery store or at the farmer\'s market.
The danger to worry is pesticides, chemicals (
Including for hygiene)
Additives and processing methods are not bacteria that share the world with us every day.
If you\'re really worried, just be close to the local farmers market and butcher\'s.
Eat grown and raised food and be as close to your home as possible.
Don\'t eat anything that has been sprayed, enhanced, processed or precooked if you can avoid it.
All these things are meant to increase profits for food processors to use raw materials that they cannot sell in natural form.
I totally agree with the strategy of Plastic People.
With reusable bags, you just need common sense.
It was for this reason that the food was \"packed.
So we don\'t get sick because of it.
In all the realities, you may be sitting on the subway more disgusting than using plastic bags!
Thank you for reading.
Douglas thinks you mean to use reusable bags.
My toy is not even plastic.
I don\'t buy raw meat, I will bring a paper grocery bag if I have cooked meat, and don\'t put it with other groceries.
When the conveyor belt is wet, I don\'t even like it or put my items in a wet place.
Ironically, I\'m not a clean monster.
Don\'t you buy raw meat? Huh?
I have news for you.
You\'re a clean monster.
Hell, I sometimes feel like anything we do is bad for our health.
I can\'t stand to see people picking up fruits in the agricultural products area, look at them and put them back.
That\'s why you cleaned it before using it.
Common sense, people, common sense. . . Yeah.
I just came back from Safeway and had to use the restroom while shopping there.
Someone came in behind me and used the toilet and left without washing their hands.
I hope they don\'t pick out all the produce!
Every grocery store and restroom I \'ve been to is disgusting.
I have never seen a grocery or restroom that is not disgusting.
So you \'ve done all these good and clean things, then get on the bus, drive on the 7 lane highway and breathe in all the sweet fresh air! Jam. . . . .
Life is a very harmful activity for your health. . . duh! ! ! Yeah.
You will eventually be killed alive.
The first creenpringint ink has no lead, and everything, even toys, has lead. The government allows lead per billion to do your research before making inaccurate comments I will never visit the article I left a comment on again I will never see any reply, so I laughed to the end because I don\'t usually come to cnn and I stick to the local news, but all the news lies about half the time schedule you see the interesting article. . .
I recently saw some mold coming out of one of my bags.
Hey erich, I like to pick up the produce and put it back in place, especially when it gets hurt.
If you don\'t look at it then you will buy something that has a lot of wounds/bruises/rot.
However, I don\'t think you know enough fruits and vegetables.
Or as the other person said-maybe you don\'t know what to wash before you eat the food.
I believe that the bacteria that have been cleaned on my hands are not as bad as the bacteria that naturally come from the environment like bird shit.
Don\'t worry about bird droppings.
Worry about pesticidesBe worried.
Very worried.
Honestly, I\'m the least clean.
When it comes to food bacteria, conscious people.
I don\'t use
Bacteria anything that is known to put what I dropped on the counter in my mouth.
I never get sick because of food.
Everyone is a bacteria.
These days, in the long run, it makes us sick easily.
We need bacteria. fighting them can keep us strong!
Is this a strategy for the plastics industry?
\"They didn\'t tell you not to use reusable bags, it\'s just that you need to clean them.
If it\'s a strategy, it\'s a strategy for Clorox, but I really think it\'s just common sense.
Wash your clothes, wash your counter, and wash your bags.
How sinister is this?
Because some people will reuse plastic! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Look at the big picture! ! ! !
Step 1: Start: release a briefing on reusable bags containing harmful bacteria, but regular cleaning can solve the problem. . .
The good plastic industry is making a useful suggestion.
Step 2 against step 1 advice and on-site scientific proof: on-site a vague report on the growth of bacteria in reusable bags that may lead to disease, even after cleaning, A news report will show their special black lights to show the bacteria that survived the laundry process.
Scientists hired by the plastics industry will suggest that boiling bags will destroy bacteria now known as RBBS reusable bag bacterial syndrome (
Another useful suggestion for \"about and helpful plastic industry\"
Step 3, relying on American news stories and laziness: news stations will pick up RBBS and comment that it will be easier to use plastic bags instead of going through the steps of cooking shopping bags every time, and the big picture is sure that most of us are smart when we see BS, some people know that you have to wash a reusable bag, but the plastic industry hopes to recover some lost income through such BS reports! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I just throw my in the washing machine and let the air-dry.
I lost the fancy logo outside, but I\'m sure my food was not contaminated.
We are far behind Germany and other European countries!
No one there uses paper or plastic, and if you don\'t already have your own bag, they almost feel scared and usually give you a free bag.
Plastic shopping bags are available in Germany.
They did it when I was there at least three years ago.
You have to pay 10 cents a bag for them, but they do.
In Canada where I live now, you also have to pay for plastic bags.
Bringing your own bag is really an incentive.
Well, let\'s think about this.
You should wash the fruits and vegetables before you eat them. When was the last time you saw someone actually throwing a bunch of produce into the bag without putting it in another disposable plastic bag first?
Really-if the reusable bag looks disgusting, wash it once in a while.
Great. it\'s fun.
Where I shop, they have bags for reusable cloth that can be easily cleaned.
I hang them on the clothesline to dry, and I put them in the dryer for safety, long enough to heat them up. Raw meat?
Our grocery store has a clear plastic bag to put a box of meat in.
There can be a lot of nasty bacteria on shrink wrap, because creating all the beautiful one pound packed butchers wearing gloves and working like a madman to get the job done.
Hamburgers, chicken, steak, etc.
If packaged in the store, there will be a lot of bacteria on the package.
I just throw them in plastic bags and use hand sanitizer so I don\'t spread any bacteria.
The scanner goes straight through the bag so that the check-out person doesn\'t need to take the meat away and put the bacteria on his hand.
They may get enough bacteria to handle the money.
At least they will tell you all the facts. . .
Like \"research\" who does it \".
I have been stuck with it for three years and I am very healthy without being so careful.
In addition, my vegetables and fruits also use reusable bags. (TJ Dacian-
Bravo, exactly the same)
Another common news is that bacteria are everywhere.
Wash your hands and cook your food!
Eat raw food and wash!
Turn out your reusable bag and hang it in the sun.
It\'s great that people want to help this planet.
It is a good idea to use stylish cloth bags and canvas that are very strong, durable, resistant to rot, soft and smooth, and comfortable to touch, however, if people are responsible for them and keep them free of bacteria.
Unfortunately, most people don\'t keep them clean, so they are more of a health hazard helping the planet.
It doesn\'t matter if the landfill is full, so people living on the planet are sick or die from bacteria that spread cloth bags or canvas.
Are you ready to join the financial revolution?
If so, change your life forever as long as Google \"oil trading College.
We do need to clean our reusable bags.
What\'s the big deal cleaning them?
I have reusable cotton bag and I put it in the washing machine every 15 days to wash it. . .
Look at carryplus.
Com is reusable cotton bag for great designers and you can clean it easily. . . . Sorry typo. . . .
Look at carryplus.
Com is a reusable cotton bag for great designers and can be cleaned easily. . . .
These are much more beautiful than the average item you see in the store, and the price is the same.
I must check out this website!
Shopping bags for information sharing in Australia (
: Do not use a typical \"free\" canvas bag (
Dry and keep contaminants forever).
Buy something like a \"breeze bag\" made of nylon that you can wash in the washing machine and they will air dry soon.
The nylon bag is definitely not a \"breeze bag \".
In fact, the cotton bag is a breeze and breathable bag.
I don\'t like the feeling of plastic or nylon on my skin.
More eco-friendly canvas bags
Friendly than any other bag and as easy to maintain as any other plastic material (Nylon, polyester)bags .
When it\'s green, it\'s really green.
It makes no sense to be half done.
I will vote for any day of canvas bags!
Very good idea to do by yourself.
There are infinite possibilities in the way they are made.
You can fold the towel and sew the sides together.
Make a strap with another towel in a sharp contrast.
It can be washed with your other towels.
I don\'t knit, but I\'m a crochet.
Thank you for your thoughts.
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Please let me know the name of the disease I get when I fill my cloth shopping bag with canned food and boxes. Also.
Whoever posted this \"news story\", please give us the name of the person who is sick with a dirty cloth shopping bag and the name of the Doctor (s)
Who can confirm the reason is a dirty shopping bag.
Anyone who purchases with dirty shopping bags and gets sick may die in the last 6 months for not changing their underwear. misterfact (at)yahoo (dot)
Comments from Yahoo.
Thanks for sharing this information.
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EWflBr, a Louis Vuitton store in the United States, recently realized dirty cloth bags.
My daughter packed her bags for a local grocery store and she hated putting her hands in those dirty and disgusting bags filled with cat hair and other annoying things.
No one is washing their bags! ! !
Sick, not hygienic.
I definitely don\'t want to use plastic.
I think we need a new movement to make people realize that the fabric needs to be cleaned.
Even I realized that I was dragging my bag back to the store all the time and didn\'t think, wow, I should throw these damn things into the washing machine from time to time.
In the past few weeks
Every time I use reusable bags, I pack groceries;
I always have an allergic reaction.
I bought myself benadryl cream and alcohol wipe, neither of which is suitable for me so far.
What do you think I should do?
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