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Classification of promotional gifts and problems needing attention in selection

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
The selected promotional gifts must have practical value, preferably easy to apply and do not require after-sales service. This is to make consumers feel that the promotion is a really useful thing, and they bought two things for one product. Greed is human nature. Spending a share of money on two things will increase consumers' desire to buy, and these promotional items will not cause such or such problems. The money is worth it. In addition, this practicality is also reflected in the customer's psychology. Here is a detailed explanation: Generally speaking, the role of promotional products can be divided into two types, one is to induce customers to buy again, the other is to cater to customers' greedy and cheap habits and stimulate their buying impulse. At present, some enterprises have not been able to grasp the customer's mentality to choose gifts when doing promotional activities, and inadvertently made the following two mistakes. The first point: gifts are just unexpected gains, not the source of motivation to induce customers to buy again. However, some enterprises only want to let more people buy this kind of products in advance when doing promotional activities, but never think about how to let consumers buy their own products repeatedly. The second point: emphasizing the price of gifts rather than the value fails to meet the strongest demand psychology of consumers. Gifts are not as expensive as possible, but as much as customers like. The choice of promotional gifts does not lie in how expensive they are, but in the choice of what can impress different consumer groups most according to their hearts, and we have to vary from person to person in promotion, according to the mentality of different consumer groups, find the gifts they want most. The following Xilong Xiaobian push a few suitable promotional gifts for everyone, if you need to customize promotional gifts, you can call: 400-0061- 690 more luggage information'Sweep and pay attention'
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