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Choose hard case or canvas for custom luggage

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
In our daily life, luggage has become an essential tool, which not only facilitates life, but also facilitates work. Among the commonly used bags, there are various types and styles, such as business computer bags, leisure backpacks, outdoor activities hiking bags, travel luggage case, etc. Different kinds of bags are made of different materials. So is it better to choose hard case or canvas for custom luggage? Customized luggage, the quality of the material can generally directly determine the grade of the luggage, and the hard shell luggage material, generally have metal and plastic these two. Metal-made bags and bags generally choose aluminum alloy with light weight, which is highly waterproof and wear-resistant, but the cost is relatively expensive, while plastic materials include PC, EVA, PVC, etc, it also has strong waterproof, wear-resistant and impact-resistant properties, and is also a good choice of luggage materials. Compared with metal and plastic materials, canvas itself also has strong wear resistance, and its bags are relatively strong and durable, and canvas bags are more popular in the market today, it is not only DIY, but also a versatile gadget for clothes, but canvas bags are not stain-resistant and waterproof. Moreover, they are not easy to dry due to moisture and are easy to make the contents of the bags wet. Custom-made luggage, whether you choose metal or plastic material of hard shell or canvas, first of all, you should start from reality, choose the luggage style that meets your own needs, and then choose the customized luggage material according to your own needs, if you still can't decide whether to choose hard shell or canvas for customized bags, you can call Xilong bags directly, and love your bags and bags can be made according to your budget and requirements.
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