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Choose good luggage case gifts from luggage case material

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Luggage case is a necessary travel item for people's daily life and travel. A good luggage case gift customization can make the travel work of employees/customers easy and get twice the result with half the effort. If you purchase inferior luggage case, when there is a strike during the trip, the employee/customer's mood will definitely be very bad, and the image and trust of the company in the minds of the employees/customers will also be reduced, the first important point of choosing a good luggage case gift is'Material'. The material of the trolley case determines the function and grade of the trolley case. The highlight of the hard trolley case is the exquisite and beautiful appearance, and the soft trolley case is the elastic texture. Both have their own advantages, and they are also divided into different textures according to different materials. A rigid trolley case. The materials used for rigid trolley case are divided into PC trolley case, ABS trolley case and pc abs trolley case. PC luggage case is made of PC Resin. The luggage case made of this material is beautiful and fashionable in appearance, wear-resistant and waterproof, resistant to fall and impact, high in cost performance, and has flame retardancy. It will not burn immediately when exposed to open flames. PC is the strongest in hard boxes and the heaviest in hard boxes. The picture shows the 20-inch PC luggage case ABS luggage case is a new material made of ABS plastic. The luggage case made of this material has beautiful appearance, soft and tough surface, rigidity and impact resistance, can better protect the items in the box. Although this material feels soft, it is strong and flexible. Generally, adults can stand on the box surface for testing at about 80 kg. ABS material is very flexible and easy to clean, but there is some lack of wear resistance. Generally, if you don't need to use a box sleeve. Pc abs trolley case is an improved material, which combines the advantages of both PC and ABS. It has excellent shock resistance, compression resistance and fall resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance are both stronger, and the process is somewhat complicated, so it will be more expensive than the two in price. Two soft luggage case the common materials of soft luggage case are canvas luggage case, nylon luggage case and cowhide luggage case. Canvas luggage is very common, but canvas luggage case is not common. Canvas has the advantages of wear resistance, good impact, and uniform color in appearance. It is one of the soft luggage cases. 'Face-saving'. Canvas luggage case wins in appearance, but its appearance will become old with the accumulation of time, increasing its unique sense of vicissitudes. Nylon luggage case is the most common soft luggage case material. Its advantages are wear resistance, strong toughness, waterproof after gluing, practical and affordable. The deficiency is that it is difficult to change the appearance and is easy to confuse with other people's luggage. The picture shows a 20-inch nylon luggage case. The cowhide luggage case is made of leather. It is not resistant to water, wear, pressure and scratch. The biggest advantage is high grade. If it is well maintained, durability is very strong. However, the leather is poor in environmental protection and low in cost performance. A good luggage case gift can better reflect the company's emphasis on it and deepen the trust of employees/customers to the company. The above detailed materials have been listed, enterprises can choose the most suitable luggage case gifts for employees and customers according to their own needs.
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