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China's leather goods trade capital

by:Xilong      2020-03-23
Recently, Baiyun district was officially awarded the country's first'China's leather goods trade capital' The title was awarded by the Seventh Council of China Leather Association. Sanyuan Li has gathered more than 1000 domestic and foreign merchants, with an annual turnover of more than 300 yuan. This business circle has become the world's largest gathering place for leather goods, luggage and trade. In order to support the upgrading and transformation of Sanyuanli leather trade circle, Baiyun district government officially opened Baiyun World Leather trade center on September 2003. In order to realize leather products by'Made in Guangdong'Xiang'Guangdong creation' In transition, the government of Baiyun district launched the strategy of a famous leather city in China, aiming to make the business circle a worldwide regional brand in the leather industry and create a bright spot for its own brand management. With the market operating area of Sanyuanli leather goods business circle increasing and the trading volume increasing, Baiyun district promotes the transformation of market trading mode and vigorously guides the leather goods market to gradually transform into a modern leather goods trading center, the trading method gradually changes from spot trading to spot trading and'Quasi futures'And other transactions coexist and develop. The Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission has listed Sanyuanli leather goods business circle as the key cultivation object of Guangdong Leather Goods International Procurement Center.
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