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china responsible for 30% of ocean plastic pollution every year

by:Xilong      2019-08-29
The United States is the only rich industrialized country in the top 20, ranking first. 20.
The EU\'s coastal countries will add up to 18.
The world\'s oceans are blocked by plastic debris, but how many plastic debris enter the ocean every year is enough to place the equivalent of five grocery bags filled with plastic garbage on each foot (30 cm)
The coastline of every country in the world.
According to research released Thursday by scientists, it is estimated that up to 8 million metric tons of plastic pollution enters the ocean every year from 192 coastal countries in the world, according to 2010 data.
According to the rising level of waste, they estimate that the amount of waste in the ocean will exceed 9 million tons in 2015.
In recent years, experts have warned about how plastic pollution can kill a large number of seabirds, marine mammals, turtles and other creatures while polluting the marine ecosystem.
It is estimated that China is the country with the largest pollution of marine plastics.
4 million tons, accounting for about 30% of the global total, followed by Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria and Bangladesh.
The United States is the only rich industrialized country in the top 20, ranking first. 20.
The EU\'s coastal countries will add up to 18.
The garbage contains almost anything imaginable made of plastic, including shopping bags, bottles, toys, food wrappers, fishing gear, cigarette filters, sunglasses, buckets and toilet covers.
\"In short, you can name it, it may be somewhere in the marine environment,\" said Kara ravende Lao, a professor of marine research at Massachusetts.
It is headquartered in the ocean Education Association.
These estimates are based on the following information: garbage data generated per capita in all countries with the World Bank\'s coastline, coastal population density, the amount of plastic waste generated by countries and their waste quality --
Management practice.
\"I think this is a wake-up --
\"How much waste we produce,\" said Jenna James Baker, professor of environmental engineering at the University of Georgia . \".
Researchers calculated that 0. 275 billion tons of plastic waste had been produced in 192 coastal countries that year, with an estimated 8 million tons entering the ocean, possibly between 4 tons.
8 million and 12. 7 million tons.
\"The most urgent need is to capture plastic waste to prevent it from entering the environment,\" the law said . \".
\"This means investing in waste management infrastructure, especially in countries with fast economic growth. \" \"In high-
\"In the income country, we also have a responsibility to reduce the amount of waste we produce, especially plastic waste,\" she added . \".
The study was published in The Wall Street Journal.
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