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Children's Day gift customization recommendation

by:Xilong      2020-08-20
Now in the middle and late May, in less than half a month, children's day will soon be celebrated. Today's June 1 has become a common festival for adults and children. Thinking of last year's circle of friends, many adult friends, large and small, have taken personal selfies. Before the arrival of the festival, some large companies will send some gifts to the children and customers of their employees. As a merchant, it is no exception to use children's day to purchase some small gifts as promotions. In the early days of children's day, as an enterprise purchasing staff, they began to worry. Why? First, Children's Day needs to purchase some gifts to send to customers; Second, children's day will purchase some gifts as welfare for employees with children; Third, many businesses will also purchase some small gifts for promotion. Different ages, gifts should be different, choose the most'Age-appropriate'A gift. Although material gift is a form, it can satisfy the baby's expectation and desire to be concerned. Gifts do not have to be the most expensive, but they should be suitable for the baby's age and contribute to the baby's development. For babies under the age of 3, you can choose various toys that are conducive to intellectual development, and combine the characteristics of the age group to focus on cultivating the baby's hands-on ability, fine movements, big movements and cognitive ability. Recommended gifts such as building blocks, rings, cups, etc. For babies aged 3 to 6, the cognitive ability of babies in this age segment is expanding rapidly, and toys with slightly complicated structures and certain logical relationships can be selected, such as Rubik's Cube, story book, maze, intelligence puzzle, etc. For babies aged 6 to 12, you can choose gifts that can cultivate the baby's ability to exercise ahead, such as spinning top and roller skates. In addition, you can choose a schoolbag, which is practical and durable, and is also a good choice. Strengthening children's cognitive consciousness is also conducive to intellectual learning. Bag customization, recommend Xilong bags! Xilong bags, a bag manufacturer specializing in research and development, design and production of student bags, has more than 12 years of bag customization experience. The products are made of high-quality fabrics and have rich experience in the field of bag customization, trustworthy!
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