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Channels and skills of luggage case sales

by:Xilong      2020-03-27
A luggage case can sell more than 170,000 pieces in Tmall mall! ! The first feeling of seeing this data for the first time is shock. This company is too strong. Of course, the quality and style design of this luggage case are also good. There are many good products now, so why is only one product selling more than 170,000 pieces? This has a lot to do with the marketing method and choice of marketing channels of this luggage case company. The main business models of general luggage case companies include pure sales luggage case companies, self-produced and self-sold luggage case companies and pure OEM luggage case manufacturers. Pure sales luggage case companies are mainly aimed at middle-end users, the sales channels generally adopted are online stores and supermarkets, and there are not many well-known enterprises in China; Self-produced and self-selling luggage case companies are the mainstream at present, and these companies are also different. Some enterprises focus on gift or custom market to reduce the cost pressure of the company; Another is that the company directly targets mid-end users, usually with self-operated stores and online stores; Pure OEM luggage case enterprises generally undertake orders from luggage case sales companies, and the market space for such enterprises is not very large. A single luggage case sold 170,000 pieces in Tmall Mall, which also reflects the change of the current sales channel of luggage case. The trend of online shopping and online sales in the clothing and luggage industry is becoming more and more obvious, therefore, being able to occupy a place in the Internet market is a necessary way for every sales luggage case company to gain the market. The sales skills of luggage case on the internet mainly focus on user experience and network exposure of luggage case product information. The user experience is to show the luggage case information on the Internet, order the luggage case on the Internet, deliver goods and provide after-sales service to the user's satisfaction, which is the basis of winning the user's favor and trust; Online Exposure of product information is the method of network promotion. The sales skills of luggage case are definitely different because of the different sales skills of sales channels, so it depends on the situation of luggage case enterprises and product positioning, and then use different skills to win the market after selecting the appropriate channels.
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