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Change the temperament of the bag, starting from the maintenance of hardware

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
When many people maintain their bags, they only know how to pay attention to the maintenance of leather or the bag type of the whole bag. In fact, the hardware of the bag is as important as the hardware. One hardware can change the temperament and appearance of the whole bag. 1. The initiative should clear the bag before sending it every time. If individual bags are leather, it is best to apply leather maintenance oil first, apply the oil to clean cotton cloth first, and then wipe the appearance evenly to prevent the oil from being indirectly applied to the surface, in order to prevent the leather goods from being hurt, the hardware parts of the bag should be wrapped first after cleaning. 2. The cabinet for storing bags must be ventilated. When switching the lock of the trolley case, do not mix foreign matter in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the trolley bag. For bags drenched in rain and damp, dry the appearance with dry cloth in time, especially the hardware parts. 3. Luggage hardware maintenance, should be wiped with a dry cloth after use. For example, micro-oxidation, you can try to slightly rub the hardware with flour or toothpaste. If you often wipe with a dry cloth, you can ensure its luster to prevent discoloration. Luggage hardware should be protected from scratches. If the scratch damages the plating layer, it is easy to see water or get wet and rust. Once it is bruised, it can be wiped with oil or candles, which can play a certain protective role. In short, luggage zippers, locks, fasteners, rivet accessories, and luggage hardware components such as pull rods and casters are the soul of luggage, and the maintenance of luggage is more important than the maintenance of its hardware accessories. Only by regular maintenance can we always be as new as new. If maintenance is carried out only when it is stained with dirt or rusted, the effect will be greatly reduced.
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